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Phil Bateman Re-Elected -Wolverhampton City Council

I want to thank everyone who voted for me last week. I did in fact top the Poll!

retained the Wednesfield North Seat for Labour!

The result was -Phil Bateman Labour and Co-Operative Votes – 1339 elected

Lee Harris – Green Party 112

Gordon Edward Newell -Conservative Party 1086

Majority Labour 253 Votes.

Labour once again controls the City Council. The Annual General Meeting is next week, when a new mayor is chosen. There will be Councillors in the Chamber for the first time since Covid-19 struck.

Millbank Street Closure – Gas Main Replacement

Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closure of Millbank Street, Wednesfield North, Wolverhampton.

• Millbank Street closed in both directions from its junction with Kitchen Lane to its junction with Wolmer Road.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Kitchen Lane, Wolmer Road and vice versa.

It is expected that the works will take place between 01/06/21 and 04/06/21 to facilitate the laying of a new domestic gas service by Cadent.

If you have any concerns or comments please contact me by 14/05/21 in order to process the advertisement of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) accordingly.

Liam Byrne Just Falls Short In Metro Mayor Campaign -But Labour Wins Police & Crime Commissioner Role.

Labour as a Party still has mountains to climb to win back former Labour voters.

I am sad that Liam Byrne MP didn’t quite win the West Midlands Metro Mayor today, being pipped by Tory incumbent Andy Streete today. But I am pleased to see Simon Foster winning the Police and Crime Commissioners role for Labour.

Its also sad that we lost four good Labour Cllrs in Wolverhampton City Council elections yesterday. Labour must bounce back back quickly. That really has to be the message.

A ‘Big Thank You’ for Supporting Me!

Wednesfield North- Many residents are contacting me asking the results of the City Election here in Wednesfield North. The full count does not take place until 2pm today, May 6th 2021.

The result shouldn’t be too long after that.

Can I thank everyone who voted for me, supported me, and helped me in Wednesfield North during this long election campaign

I want to inform you that I have always been very proud to represent you. In fact it has been a privilege. We can see all across the Country that Labour, has perhaps not had its finest hours!

When the Election Count has taken place, I stand ready to accept the result. Win or Lose. I have always tried my best, and that pride will be with me when the results are finally announced. I also want to thank Mary and the family for always being understanding and always accepting the constant call on time. Finally I have had some superb support from residents, friends, groups and organisations. I very much appreciate all you have contributed or the time you have given to me. A ‘Big Thank You’ to all of you!

So its down to waiting patiently – for all of us I think!

STOP PRESS – In this afternoons count. I did in fact top the Poll! Yes I retained the Wednesfield North Seat for Labour! The result was -Phil Bateman Labour and Co-Operative Votes – 1339 elected

Lee Harris – Green Party 112

Gordon Edward Newell -Conservative Party 1086

Majority Labour 253 Votes.

Wolverhampton – Canals Become Popular Again!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today – “The Local Canal system in Wednesfield and across Wolverhampton is making a huge impact on community life.

Once they were little used amenities. Attracting few people and often treated with disdain by local communities and neighbourhoods. But over the last few years, and most certainly here in Wednesfield during this coronavirus pandemic . We have seen an explosion of use.

Towpath use and the discovery of our canals by local people have seen some spectacular growth.

The Canal and River Trust have informed me that the average daily count during April, and the average daily count so far during this third lockdown, all compared to the pre lockdown baseline, show continuing increase of the towpath use. Clearly these statistics indicate that neighbourhoods and communities are using these wonderful rural and historic waterways in a way that hasn’t quite been seen, for decades -if ever at all.

These range from 72% increase in Coventry to 172% in Wolverhampton!

I know that here in Wolverhampton our local canals are being coveted by many users. That is why it hurts so much when people tip their rubbish and their unwanted garbage along the canals. There are some magnificent people who pick rubbish up in family groups and individually. They have done so through out the lockdown and I take my hat off to them.

But today its the good news that I am beaming about . Our Local Nature Reserve which runs the length of the Wyrley and Essington canal inside the City boundary keeps interests high.

The waterfowl are attracting admiring glances and the young of all the various species that makes their home on this waterway. Continually attracts families with young children. “

Its Mental Health Week- and this amenity is a really great way to help combat some of the issues that affect people with mental health problems. Take a walk along your Local canal and look closely at the flowers and wildlife!

Orchard Road Closure -As Severn Trent Plan Work During May 2021.

Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closure of Orchard Road, Wednesfield North, Wolverhampton:

• Orchard Road closed in both directions at its junction with Bellamy Lane.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Bellamy Lane, Wood End Road and vice versa.

It is expected the closure will be in place between 10/05/21 and 12/05/21 to a boundary box and meter installation by Severn Trent Water.

Campaign 2021 Launches Today! Vote on Super Election Day May 6th 2021.

Well today I launch my Official Campaign to get Re-Elected as your Wednesfield North – City of Wolverhampton Councillor. I am standing as the Labour & Cooperative Party Candidate in this May 6th 2021 election.

I do hope Wednesfield North residents will take into consideration when they vote, the many years of service I have given.

If you see me out and about, give a wave, or a toot of a horn. If you would like a poster to display DM me or contact me via my email address of –

Please share with Family and friends.

‘No Boundary Dispute’ – Between City & Walsall Reports Chief Legal Officer

Over the last month or so, I have had residents living in Simmons Road and Snape Road on Ashmore Park – asking about the maintenance of the trees and hedges that back onto their property. The trees and the hedges are in the ownership of Walsall MBC.

What has been happening is that when the Ashmore Park residents ask them to maintain their tree and hedge line. They have been met with Walsall MBC stating that there was a dispute over the boundary line.

I have written twice now to the Chief Executive of Walsall and am awaiting a response, but I also wrote to the City of Wolverhampton as well.

Here is what the Head of Legal Services at City of Wolverhampton has written back to me. she said ” Further to your query re the above, I am advised that that there is no dispute between Walsall and Wolverhampton Councils regarding trees on the boundary between the two boroughs, the boundary line is clear. There is no boundary dispute.”

So if there is no boundary dispute it seems to me quite legitimate to expect Walsall to deliver some maintenance to the trees and shrubs in the hedgerow, that are causing so much consternation to residents in Ashmore Park? The hedges and trees are part of the Walkways between Coppice Farm and Ashmore Park on the Green Open Space the two local Authorities share.

The Impact of Covid-19 -Ashmore Park Nursery School.

Covid-19 and the effects of the Pandemic has had a tremendous effect on our local schools.

Here in Wednesfield North your Councillors have been able to identify some additional funding and we have tried to assist our schools in the Ward.

We have received this nice letter from The Ashmore Park Nursery School.

Headteacher Susan Lacey wrote “I would like to express our sincere thanks on behalf of our School community for the generous donation of £500 from the ward fund, which has been provided to support schools through the challenging times of a global pandemic.

A primary focus for our nursery school, when children are unable to socially distance from each other or staff must be upon safe systems of control in order to minimise the transmission of the virus. This means that the adults and children have to wash/gel their hands frequently throughout the session and enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, which has had an impact upon the school budget as the financial resources do not allow for additional soap, paper towels, hand gel etc. Additional learning resources and furniture has also had to be purchased for each cohort of children to reduce the risks associated with co-sharing in school.

The impact of Covid-19 has and continues to have an impact upon the financial position of the school. Any additional funding received is therefore greatly appreciated.”

Councillors Rita Potter Mary and I, are pleased to have been able to help in this situation. We are all three of us committed to be #working4wednesfield.