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Wednesfield – Police Inform of Action on Knives.

This week we are running a knife crime activity week in your area as part of Operation Sceptre – a national week of action.
Clearly with Covid restrictions in place we can’t involve the community in our work as much as we would like to.
However it means you might see our officers doing these things:
Weapon sweeps where we will be looking for knives hidden in public places

Test purchasing – where we will be checking that retailers are being responsible and only selling knives to people of the correct age

Officers using knife arches and knife wands to search for weapons

More officers at transport hubs including bus stations

We would normally be talking to children in school about knives and the dangers of knife carrying but we cannot do this at the moment.
However, if you want to take this week as an opportunity to talk to your child about knife crime we have help and advice on how to have that chat, including what to say on our website.

Beware Pick Pockets – Bentley Bridge Shopping Park!

Wednesfield Police are warning about the activity of Pick-pockets at the Bentley Bridge Shopping Park. Please residents be very careful, take the Police advice.

Keep all your bags and purses close to hand. Plus shout like mad if you feel the need to catch anyone else’s attention!

This is what our Neighbourhood Police team are warning of!

Wednesfield Police@WednesfieldWMP· We are again asking all visitors to @BBShoppingPark to be extra vigilant and to keep all purses and bags close at hand, after further reports of attempted purse dipping by pickpockets over the last couple of days.”

Police respond to Residents Requests.

I was very pleased to see Wednesfield Police tweet this- This very afternoon. It’s what I asked for, following our residents calls for more Police patrols here in Wednesfield North and in Coppice Farm.

I reckon the Police did them selves a power of good in responding in such a positive way. Well done Wednesfield Police….

Wednesfield Police
Responding to community concerns raised regarding ASB and vehicle crime, we continue our high visibility patrols around Ashmore Park Estate, Ashmore Park playing-fields, Bottom Shops / Griffiths Drive., and also the Coppice Farm Estate (bordering
@WillenhallWMP area).

Police Answer Plea – Vehicle Crime in Wednesfield North

There have been much concerns of late, around Vehicle Crime across Wednesfield North, and in particular in Coppice Farm estate. Also vehicle crime In the neighbouring Borough of Walsall spilling over and taking place, here in Wednesfield.

I have been in touch with the local Wednesfield Police Neighbourhood team. Where I asked for increased patrols across my Ward. During the day and into the early hours. I ensured that the Police neighbourhood team were aware of the concerns of residents. Coppice Farm residents were very concerned about the increased loss of catalytic convertors from vehicles just across the boundary in Walsall.

I also raised the issue of Vehicle Crime and the protection of property with senior officers in Wolverhampton. I spoke with Superintendent Inglis about Crime numbers,and strategy, and Inspector Corrigan has since responded also.

I can inform you that the Police are taking this issue seriously. They tell me that the Police will be conducting live checks of sites and property of interest all this week. They tell me other things that I feel that I cannot make public. But they are taking this issue very seriously. I am sure the Police will want to say more, after the operations that they are carrying out this week.

My message to Wednesfield North is that I am pleased with the response I have received from senior officers.

I want you the residents to know that your concerns have and are being acted upon. I have done my level best to encourage and provide information to the Police of your concerns.

Inspector Corrigan wants me to inform you that “I understand that residents of Coppice Farm are raising concerns regarding the theft of catalytic converters, particularly in the neighbouring borough. I can assure you we take this type of crime, along with others very seriously. Any identified enquiries are conducted fast time. Due to the time of night these crimes occur, CCTV and forensic opportunities are limited but it won’t deter us from investigating these matters. We will always prioritise any particular crime hot spots, so any increase in this crime type in a particular area will result in increased Police activity. If any of the residents have any information which may assist the Police, then please encourage them to contact us on 101 or report online and will follow this up. “

I want to add that residents across Wednesfield North can trust me to press the issue of crime and their concerns to the highest levels.

Generally, across Wolverhampton, crime is always in the lower quartile in Wednesfield, when analysed against local Wards across the City. It is a generally safe neighbourhood. But it is important that we drive crime lower. I will always press the Police on your behalf. I am pleased with Inspector Corrigan’s detailed response to me. I look forward to seeing the results of the actions they are taking as a Force this week

Gang Targeting Catalytic Converters.

Residents please be aware. There is a huge spate of activity around the local towns and within Wolverhampton. There is a gang who are targeting Catalytic converters on cars. Amongst them Hondas. They have struck in and around Walsall, Locally Coppice Farm and here in Wednesfield. Please be aware of this activity.

I have recently written to Wednesfield Police requesting that they patrol Wednesfield North, and set up patrols during the late and EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING.

If you do know or have witnessed any of these illegal acts. Please phone the Police first. Let the Police have the information

Wednesfield Police Send Message!

To parents who have children with a mobile phone.

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” I have received this information from Wednesfield Police, they want as many parents as possible to be made aware of this Apt. It is all about safety. Please read and if it is applicable to you. Please follow the advice through”

This is what Wednesfield Police have messaged-

Download the HOLLIE Guard APP for them.

If they are walking home late at night, your children can switch on the app and it allows you to track them. If someone approaches them, and they don’t feel safe, all your child needs do is shake the phone, it will set off a high pitched alarm, and also message an alert to you or whoever is listed as the contact.

This app is not only for children but for anyone to use.

Police inform Another Knife Handed In.

Today another knife has been handed in by a member of the community. The knife was found hidden in a bush in a front garden on Ashmore park. Your neighbourhood officers would like to thank the person for calling the police so we could collect it, and safely dispose of it, like yesterdays message, yet another dangerous weapon off our streets.

Theft of Dogs! Police Offer Message.

My sister has been warning me for a few weeks now about the theft of dogs, and how this was becoming a nationwide problem. Now Wednesfield Police have issued some advice, I think dog owners must see.

Wednesfield Police tell me that “Fortunately I don’t believe we’ve had any incidents locally, However that’s not to say the potential isn’t there. Theft of dogs, seems to have become a real problem across the UK and has been spoken of widely on TV and social media sites, as our fur babies have become a precious commodity, particularly throughout this awful pandemic.
So, with that in mind, can we just ask that everyone stays vigilant and particularly when walking alone with your dog, try and stay in a public place, rather than becoming isolated.
This wasn’t meant as a scaremongering message, just an awareness pointer.”

As the Police say this Post is not meant “as a scaremongering message, just an awareness pointer.”

Police Request Help! – Can You Find Time?

Councillor Phil Bateman said “I have received this note from Wednesfield Police. I really do think that there will be quite a few residents here in Wednesfield North that will want to help our local Police Force. So please if you are interested. Contact the Wednesfield Police team on these contact numbers.”

If anyone would be interested in joining the West Midlands Police Streetwatch scheme, you can contact PCSO 30536 Ian Kerrigan, who is Wednesfield’s lead officer, he can be contacted on his e-mail , on his work mobile 07391864067 or by dialling 101, then ext 872 3006

In short, this scheme is to encourage residents to take some ownership of where they live and where residents carry out patrols of their own local neighbourhood, noting issues and reporting back to us or direct to the council to highlight problems.

Nobody is expected to challenge any individual and put themselves at risk, in fact exactly the opposite. Issues could be, littering, flytipping, dog fouling, damaged street furniture, suspicious behaviour, and or any other general ASB.

You would be accompanied by an officer initially, but then left to go out as and when you can.

There is a requirement to register and provide details plus undergo a Police National Computer check by ourselves. “

So residents of Wednesfield please if you can help contact PCSO Kerrigan. We all want to live in a safe neighbourhood.

Wednesfield NHT

Police Give Tips!

Cannabis factories are increasingly being found in residential properties. Electricity meters are usually bypassed and the lighting equipment used to grow the plants are often poorly wired and pose a high risk to the individuals involved in the cultivation but are also likely to be a fire hazard to neighbouring houses.

Tell tale signs of a cannabis factory:
Blinds drawn day and night.
A constant low buzzing from inside the property.
Strong odour emanating from the property.
Air ducting tubes protruding from the property.
Bright lighting from rear windows, loft or eaves.
Large amount of fertiliser, compost or pots outside.
Tampering with electric meter or wiring.

If you have any information regarding the above please contact West Midlands Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111