City of Wolverhampton – Lockdown procedures, and the return to school.

I know that many of our residents here in Wednesfield North will be keen to see how school attendance is, following the return to school -Here is the results from City of Wolverhampton schools. (I received the briefing note yesterday.) –

Lockdown procedures, and the return to school.

“School attendance – More than 95% of primary and 89% of secondary pupils have returned to the classroom in Wolverhampton – with more than 33,000 young people attending school this week. Schools were able to welcome all children back full-time from last week as part of the first step of the Government’s road map out of the Covid-19 lockdown, with attendance once again mandatory.

Thanks to the efforts of school staff, parents and pupils, and the support of the council’s education and public health teams, the return of children and the introduction of regular rapid testing for secondary pupils has gone smoothly, with high attendances – the 95% attendance recorded in primary schools in the city compares favourably to the national average of 94%, while the 89% figure for secondary schools is in line with the nationwide average.”

Phil Bateman

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