Commonwealth Theme Chosen For Wednesfield in Bloom!

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The Commonwealth headed by the Queen has chosen for its 2019 theme ‘A Connected Commonwealth’.
In 2019 the UK with the Governments of the Commonwealth will mark the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth, with the theme ‘A Connected Commonwealth’. This speaks of the enduring practical value and global engagement made possible as a result of the determination of our culturally diverse and widely dispersed family of nations to cooperate and work together in friendship and goodwill.
Here in Wednesfield we have chosen for our theme in the Heart of England in Bloom competition (2019) a big chunk of the Commonwealth statement.
The Commonwealth wants all the member Governments, governments, institutions and people connect at many levels, including through parliaments and universities, and communities to work together to protect our natural environment and the ocean which we share and that connects many of our nations shore to shore.
This fits nicely into what we are all about here in Wednesfield in Bloom!
Whilst the Queen encourages all her Governments worldwide to cooperate on trade to encourage inclusive economic empowerment for all people – particularly women and youth and marginalised communities.
Wednesfield in Bloom is doing something quite similar – but locally here in our Community.- 
We here in Wednesfield are promoting the local environment, creating a cleaner,greener Wednesfield. Encouraging young people to take part, and they have!  The young people of Wednesfield have been creating colourful plant holders from discarded Wellies ,litter picking, and planting flowers.
#ShopLocal We are also supporting ‘economic empowerment’ as the Queens statement encourages us to do. Please if you do come buy a small item for the dinner table or for a friend. Promoting trade here locally will reduce the carbon footprint and make the environment sweeter for all of us!
Wednesfield in Bloom is great fun,  Its been a great effort from our Volunteers this year, they have been brilliant Improving the environment bringing colour, and helping nature to play a part in our everyday lives. Yes people do like to see butterflies and Bumblebees pollinating their plants! 
We want the people of Wolverhampton and Wednesfield and Ashmore Park to come and look and see the Heart of England Inspectors walking the route, watch them inspect the work undertaken. They do like to see the community interest, So we want a lot of people to attend. Cheer them, clap them, and of course praise the Volunteers who have made it possible.
Finally I want to thank all the individuals that have given us flowers and resources to deliver what is a great community’s been absolutely fab, Monies and plants have resourced this magnificent bid for for Gold. As well as making this little bit of Britain just magnificent for all of us!
I am so proud of every one of you and this great Community!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more