Councillor Report – ASB on 59 Bus Route

“Anti-Social Behaviour and more, is the Bain of West Midlands Cities and Towns” said Councillor Phil Bateman of Wednesfield North.
He went onto say “Its not just an issue here in Wolverhampton, but when it occurs on public transport, it is serious and dangerous, and the Authorities and local Police with other public transport agencies working in partnership, become the best way forward to deal with the matter.
At the end of last year we had started to receive reports from bus users that ASB and assault was taking place on the 59 bus route, that links Wednesfield with Wolverhampton.
Today at a Safer Wolverhampton Partnership meeting. I released information from TfWM about the way that the complaints had been handled.”

TfWM had written to me saying “Thank you for continuing to shine a light on the issues being experienced by passengers of the 59 bus route on a weekly basis. I know you have personally worked diligently for many years to help build a safe and reliable transport network, so I can appreciate how worrying these reports must be.”

TfWM continued that ” that many incidents have been reported to you with each of these being shared with our Safer Travel Team, National Express West Midlands and neighbourhood police teams.
TfWM has dedicated further resources to patrolling the 59 route leading to the identification of a youth most commonly involved in these abhorrent attacks. Taking a wider view of the 59 service, our Transport Safety Officers and Safer Travel Police Team have seen a reduction of incidents since their regular patrols began. In November, 9 reports had been identified to relate to the 59 service and its route however, we have seen this fall to just 3 in December 2023. Their patrols mirror the times that have been reported and will continue to evolve alongside any further reports we receive. To date, four other youths have been identified using CCTV and the Neighbourhood Police team have visited them and their parents at their homes to discuss their antisocial behaviour. 1 was issued with a first stage warning with the remaining 3 being issued ASB advisory letters. This was achieved thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Safer Travel Team, the bus operator National Express West Midlands and the Neighbourhood Police Team.
I hope that this update assures you and passengers that TfWM is actively working with partners to tackle this kind of behaviour which will not be tolerated. We will continue to monitor the levels of antisocial behaviour and should you receive any further reports, please do not hesitate to contact us again.”

Councillor Bateman added – “All three of your City Councillors Mary , Rita and myself, work hard with all these agencies to ensure that we do all we can to help our Ward develop safe effective. and efficient public transport services. We know its hard for bus passengers when their bus services don’t turn up, or when they are delayed by bad behaviour and worse.
This particular issue has been difficult, but there are some positive actions that come of it. Transport for West Midlands report that there has been a reduced number of incidents since the actions started. My hope that these police actions with partners will help to deliver safer bus services for users and residents.”

The meeting took place today in The Hub at Ashmore Park, Griffiths Drive Ashmore|Park.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more