Delivering Our City-Our Plan, through Wednesfield North Ward Funds

Wednesfield North City Councillors said today “We have helped deliver fun and enjoyment for hundreds of our residents, even thousands over the last few years. We do our best to ensure that modest resources provided by the City Council help our community across a wide range of policy areas, and is very much part of delivering a better Wednesfield, in line with the City Councils own plan ‘Our City – Our Plan’.

More than £30,000 have been distributed by Wednesfield North Councillors to good causes, volunteer groups, and charities since 2021 here in Wednesfield and across Wednesfield North. All these funds have helped support the City of Wolverhampton’s own ‘Our City – Our Plan’ policies. This policy document is a key component of the Councils policy framework. In short, we are doing locally what the plan determines. Which is to align with the priorities and the needs of local people. Its about increasing economic prosperity, improving outcomes for local people, and tackling inequalities, whilst addressing other challenges like Net Zero. As we work hard to bring communities together.

Our Ward resources have been used and allocated to organisations as wide spread as Local Food Banks, through to education support for local schools in our Ward.
We have supported all sorts of community groups like the Wednesfield History Society, who organise to protect and record our unique past. We donated support for the Wednesfield Lancaster Bomber Crash Memorial on the Lichfield Road commemorating the brave flyers who lost their lives at that location in 1945. We also donated and supported the internationally recognised ‘Battle of Saragarhi Memorial’, which some military historians describe as one of history’s great last stands.

We encourage the Arts and recently assisted with funding for Ashmore Park Choir. As well as funding digital maps for the Wednesfield Art Trail.
We have found resources working in partnership with Ashmore Park Community Association, for a local Youth Club based at The Hub. We have assisted in resources for three Defibrillators set across and serving the public in our Ward of Wednesfield North.
Your Councillors have also assisted Caring Hearts and St Albans Church with funding for making their roof waterproof.

Wednesfield North Councillors are all about helping residents deliver fun and enjoyment in Wednesfied North, for children and families. We use our close working relationships, to full advantage. We have helped organisations and volunteers find resources to help fund the Ashmore Park Uniform Exchange, Wednesfield North Community Excellence Awards, and the ever popular free ‘Stuff4Steph’ Fundays held on the Moat, on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
We have funded the capital for three Remembrance Benches one in the Ashmore Park, one on the Coppice Farm Walkways serving Public Open Space, and one at the front of the Hub at Ashmore Park. All three much used items have all been funded by Ward resources. We have also help fund a Christmas Toy Appeals, and furnished Christmas Lights on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

We continue to support the Wednesfield Canal Festival, as they put on bigger community events based on the Wyrley and Essington Canal. Last year (2023) that event alone drew 10,000 visitors into Wednesfield, and there were two days of live music, a ‘Floating Market, with Narrow Boat Traders, a fun fair, local craft stalls, all meaning enjoyment, and good experiences for our local residents and local families.

The Environment isn’t forgotten. We have helped resource two bins one on Open Space on the Linthouse Lane estate, one on Kitchen Lane, at The Nicket which links with Essington. So that dog walkers can place their doggie doo’s safely for collection.

We are really proud of our local people, who give their time freely to improve the local environment. Wednesfield in Bloom volunteers are known locally as ‘The Bloomers’! Wednesfield in Bloom have been excellent in turning grey into green. They have been so successful in changing Wednesfield into a colour vibrant Village, bathed in natural colours bringing much satisfaction to residents and supporting the local economy. We have made resources available to their organisation in their endeavours.

Our actions provided assistance with resources for the volunteers of Hands on Wednesfield, to purchase Public Liability Insurance for that organisation, helps other groups and volunteers in Wednesfield put on public events.

Our latest support is for the Richie Tanner ‘Make a difference campaign’. This campaign group has been formed to assist local adults living with cerebral palsy, and those with similar disabilities. Giving them the ability to make friends, chat and meet together to discuss issues of importance to their group.

Our aims as Wednesfield North City Councillors, is much like Richie Tanner own aims which is all about – ‘Making a difference, and delivering a better Wednesfield.’

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more