Discover Ashmore Park Library! They tell story’s there!

IMG_3783 Phil Reading the Gruffalo 25 Aug 2015Well I have done my bit today reading the Gruffalo in Ashmore Park Library based in the Hub at Ashmore Park to the kids.

I really enjoyed it immensely! Also it gave me some great satisfaction in the knowledge that I have been helping the Library service, put on an event during schools summer holiday.

I was really the warm up act as the real professionals were the Dogs Trust, who had come to read and brought their dear little Patterdale terrier with them as well!

All in all it was a good event and of course the real star of the show was the dog!

Here our resident Librarian and Mary along with me crowd around the ‘Dogs Trust’ stars so we could have our photo taken with a very laid back dog!

The Dogs Trust do a Great deal of good rehousing animals when they fall into their care.Founded in 1891 in the UK, Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and Ireland. Their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

 IMG_3789dog trust

Phil Bateman

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