Floating Market Wednesfield Bentley Bridge – Are You Coming?

So August 1st & 2nd is fast approaching….a number of traders are attending Bentley Bridge Wednesfield for a Floating Market on the Wyrley & Essington Canal at this point..

Now we need local people to turn up and come and see the colour of the boats on the canal, and see what is on offer to buy from our ‘floating markets’! So place the date in your diary. More importantly let me know if you will be coming.

Last year there was a very good attendance from people living in Wednesfield.

I am hoping we will do that all again….So come on folks turn out for an hour or so. Support what I am trying to do to give our canals life. They have been with us for centuries, but now they have never ever looked better than they are now….The Narrow-Boats bring a splash of colour, as do their owners….and at a stroke we bring to life a beautiful stretch of canal. At the same time it will make you feel proud that you are putting Wednesfield on the Inland Waterway Map, and playing a part in lifting the tourism awareness of what we have here in our historic Village.

August is the month when the

Anniversary of the battle of Wednesfield took place or to be exact on August 5th 910.

If you were not aware of this incredible BATTLE folks- Here is a briefing on it.

August 5/6, 910. Battle of Wednesfield/Tettenhall: West Saxons and Mercian’s defeat Northumbrians

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, claims that the Northumbrians broke the peace and ravaged Mercia, and that Edward, who , sent an army of West Saxons and Mercian’s against them. Æthelweard gives more details, noting that the Northumbrians harried Mercia as far as the river Avon and the West Saxon border, that they then crossed the Severn into the west country, and were returning home with rich spoil and crossing back over the Severn at Bridgnorth when the troops of the Mercian’s and the West Saxons suddenly appeared against them.

Battle was joined at Wednesfield (according to Æthelweard). The English won and killed very many of the Northumbrians (“many thousands of men”, according to the Chronicle), and put the rest to flight. Æthelweard tells us the battle is said to have taken place on August 5, while one of the versions of the Chronicle prefers August 6. Nevertheless the battle gave its name to ourVillage – Wodensfield became Wednesfield. The battle killed five Danish Kings and stopped the March of Danelaw. If the Danes had won the battle  – then you would ordering your drinks and groceries in Danish not English….The battle was that important…So turn up on our canal day in Wednesfield ……come on the

Bentley Bridge and Wednesfield , back on the Inland Waterway Map!

Putting Bentley Bridge and Wednesfield , back on the Inland Waterway Map!

day with a helmet with Horns on! Come and enjoy a day in Wednesfield!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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