Former Danesmore Site- Update.

The Danesmore former school site – Update

The site and its layout is still being worked on and there are some ground conditions that need to be further scrutinised. There is also a need to confirm that old mineshafts are where they are supposed to be, also that they have been treated properly!

Some rumours suggest that the land has been sold to a private developer. That is not the case.

 Much work needs to be undertaken yet, and no planning process has yet started.

Preparations are continuing to be worked upon and there is considerable work required yet before we are anywhere near a construction phase. There will be further consultation with residents living near the site at this juncture.

I can confirm that part of the scheme which was explained at the previous Public Meetings to release land has moved forward. That is the Perks Road replacement Garages. These are now constructed and when they open for use, the old Perks Road garages will be demolished, after the tenants have vacated them for the new ones.

I will continue to feed information into this site and my other social media sites as the information becomes available.Danesmore Park Site


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