Go- Ahead Wednesfield!

In my August (2017) column for the Wednesfield Magazine (In My View) I wrote about Wednesfield being a very ‘go ahead’ part of the City of Wolverhampton.

I wrote that because I believe it. Wednesfield as a district of the City of Wolverhampton is doing some tremendous things, and that is down to the people that live, work, and care about the ancient Village that is driving the pace.

In this current period of time we have rediscovered our past with Gusto. Wednesfield now has a thriving History Society that cajoles and educates us about the great battles that were fought here, the reason for the bloodshed, and its legacies.

Through our History Society we discover and talk of the great discoveries of the Industrial Revolution, and the part Wednesfield played in its effect on the UK and the World. At our history society meetings we pay homage to the great infrastructure that arrived in Wednesfield that helped shape the Village and its importance in the past, and its contribution it makes today.

The Wyrley & Essington Canal that is 220 years old this year, which provided the coalmines of South Staffordshire with the ability to get their coal to the growing Towns of the Black Country. Not forgetting though of the impact of the arrival of the railways, the trams, and the Trolleybus and all the other type of transport that helped shape ‘Our Wednesfield’ in the past, and into the current and future of Wednesfield.

We are a hotbed of history, industry and commerce, and in the remarkable 2,000’s we are still attracting and making headlines. The Steel revolution is still taking place in our Village. For instance Tata Steel at its Wednesfield base, is still revolutionising steel production and steel delivery. Plus Wednesfield provides around 30% of Wolverhampton’s manufacturing capability.

We have a very important retail centre in the High Street and at Bentley Bridge Shopping Park, more than 600 jobs are providing work there. We have an important Leisure Park, at the other end of the Village Bentley Bridge Leisure Park attracts huge footfall from right across the City and the Black Country. Further to that Cineworld that resides there has just announced a new investment for refurbishing its multi-screen cinema.

Wednesfield is a very relevant place, in today’s modern world.
Wednesfield shows through its energy and power, it still has the ability to ‘shock’ and at the same time make people feel proud. It is an independent sort of place, yet at the same time it delivers a great kind of ‘team and community spirit’.

Recently the great Volunteers that do so much to keep the spirit of Wednesfield vibrant have delivered the colour we see in the Village centre.

The Wednesfield in Bloom team planted the Village with scores of flowers!
Business and retail supported the scheme and ’ The Bloomers’. The outcome has been a riot of colour right across the Village High Street and other areas. That hard work by the ‘bloomers’ has been well received by visitors and residents a like. The flowers brighten the place up and it has been great to see so many volunteers still tending ‘their patch’ through out the Summer.

We wait with increasing excitement for September to see if Wednesfield has done enough to get another Britain in Bloom award.

The Wednesfield Canal Festival at Bentley Bridge was also very successful this month. It delivered around 4300 visitors. Who not only enjoyed the music, and stalls, and the 220 year old Wyrley and Essington canal, and the floating market that was moored there.
The visitors also spent their money in Wednesfield over the two days of the festival, adding to the Villages economic development.
We are still gathering results from this great festival, but I am pretty sure we will be doing it again in 2018!

I started by stating that I thought Wednesfield was a go- ahead part of our city, I do hope after reading this you may also have the same feeling!
By the way we are always looking for more volunteers!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more