Good morning Wednesfield!

Good morning Wednesfield! – here is a briefing on the recent issues that I have raised or have been involved in.
• Ashmore Park Wolmer Road Fly Tipping. It has been reported to me that the Garage site that links Wolmer Road and Griffith Drive has lots of fly tipped rubbish. I have reported the matter and Wolverhampton Homes have asked one of their caretaking teams to visit and remove.
• There is a dispute about a tree- and I have asked the Chief Legal Officer to get involved.
Its worth reporting that your three Councillors over the last financial years (2019-2020) supported Wednesfield community, in a variety of ways.
We managed to help provide resources –
• For the successful Wednesfield History Society’s Lancaster Memorial on Lichfield Road.
• The Christmas lights at the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
• We also supported #TheShopLocal campaign.
• We introduced the ‘Community Excellence Awards’. Which we are again supporting this year.
• Two Remembrance benches in The Ashmore Park and on the ‘Black Path at Coppice Farm.
• We also supported The Way -Sensory project.
• Plus ‘door counters’ at the Hub through the Hands on Wednesfield Voluntary Group.
Woodend This week we have reported a damaged pathway in Woodend Road, and is now being examined by the service team.
Lichfield Road –We are involved with a water leak on Lichfield Road, where a dispute has broken out with Severn Trent Water company regarding a water leak that is making a Marsh out of the grass verges. This matter has been rolling along since the early start of this year.
The Oaklands- Twyford Grove where a mine shaft was uncovered. The Coal Authority after a slow start took control, and over the last few days of last week has filled and capped the anomaly. The work was completed last Saturday.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more