Good Morning Wednesfield today is Friday 24 April 2020!

Good Morning Wednesfield today is Friday 24 April 2020!
We are still here and the Sun is still shining. Here is some information that you may find useful at the start of the day.
• 138,078 Lab confirmed Covid-19 UK cases.
• 4,583 Daily number of Lab confirmed UK cases.
• 18,738 Deaths of Patients in Hospital
• 616 Daily number of COVID-!( associated UK Deaths in hospital
• 640 Cases in Wolverhampton
• 213 Deaths at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Some Local News relating to Wolverhampton-
I have had some enquiries about Purple Bins- Priority is being given to emptying domestic waste and the recycling bins. The Refuse department tell me that they will be honouring the emptying of any garden bins that were paid for up to 26th March., but are unable to take any after this date due to resources.
Advice if you are having a bonfire – Before lighting a garden fire, go to the City of Wolverhampton Council web pages and read the advice that is available there. Smoke can affect neighbours, and at this particular time people who are elderly and unwell may have respiratory problems. Just see what the advice is and react around it.
The Amazon packs dumped in the Ashmore Park om April 14th have been collected by Wednesfield Police, and they are part of their investigation now. Thank you, residents, for reporting the matter. I know that a lot of you were interested.
Funeral Arrangements in Wolverhampton – There have been numerous discussions on this as the 7 local authorities in the West Midlands County have attempted to agree a regional figure. Wolverhampton has been signed off, in that it can be no more than 10.
Last night Wednesfield North was out banging their saucepans right across the Ward, supporting NHS, and Care workers and all the other front line professionals. Well done every body!

Liverpool – Nine residents in Beechwood Specialist Care Home have died in the last month after displaying symptoms of the coronavirus, reports the BBC. The home supports people with dementia and learning disabilities, and manager Andrew Creegan says it has been “a very, very difficult time.” He praised staff for the level of care they continue to provide residents, saying the current situation is “something they’ve never faced before and they’ve all pulled together.” While some homes have reported shortages of personal protective equipment, Mr Creegan said the home has been “well-supported” by the firm’s head office and Liverpool City Council

Essential workers in England to get coronavirus tests
England is to offer COVID-19 testing to all key workers and their families; the Health Secretary has announced. Some 10m workers will be eligible for a swab test and will be able to book appointments online. Matt Hancock said the scheme was “all part of getting Britain back on her feet.” He added 18,000 people will be hired to trace contacts of those infected. The UK currently has the capacity to run 51,000 tests a day but experts co-ordinating testing said the government was on track to meet its target of 100,000 a day. The Telegraph reports on concerns about whether tests will reach centralised labs within the 48-hour time limit for them to be effective and claims that as many as 100,000 contract tracers would need to be hired for the programme to be successful.

Scientists question contact tracing plan
Following the Government’s announcement of a strategy to carry out mass contact tracing to tackle COVID-19, leading scientists have raised concerns with the plans. Ministers have announced that 18,000 contact tracers, including 3,000 health professionals, would be deployed to trace contacts of those suspected of having the virus – but Professor Azeem Majeed, head of public health at Imperial College London, said based on successful uses of contact tracing elsewhere in the world, “we need to look at large volumes of contact tracers, not just a few hundred or a few thousand. We need tens of thousands, maybe even 100,000 people to do contact tracing.” Cllr Ian Hudspeth, chair of the LGA’s wellbeing board, said councils have the expertise to carry out tracing, but that this “extra demand on existing services would need to be met by additional resources and funding, if councils are to help test, trace and isolate those with Covid-19.”

Stay Safe and Keep Washing those hands!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more