Hip Replacements In Wolverhampton.


Anyone following the thread regarding my request for information about hip replacements. Will be interested in the welcome developments. I have now had a partial answer to the questions I asked. These have been supplied from Wolverhampton City Council’s  Director of Public Health.


The Director tells me that this information had been supplied to her depaNew Cross Hospitalrtment by the Clinical Commissioning Group yesterday.

So I am finally getting there with the information I am seeking. However I am also informed that if I request any further information, I may have to seek this by asking for a Freedom of Information request!


Well there you have it…. So what about the original questions I asked and the answers then?




Question – Can you inform me how many Wolverhampton city citizens are waiting for this treatment?

Answer – No Answer

Question – How long are patients waiting on average for the operation.

Answer – 12 ½ weeks is the average wait.

Question- How do these figures compare with the Regional Average

Answer –  Not available

Question – How do the statistics  compare with the National Average

Answer –  Not available


Question – Is the resources for this type of surgery  reducing or expanding at New Cross?

Answer –  T&O services are developing with the change in service provision to include Cannock Chase Hospital, this will see an increase in service provision.


If the same question was asked for T&O and not just hips*:

  • How long patients are waiting on average for the operation at RWT 90% of patients seen in 25 weeks
  • How do these figures compare with the Regional Average 90% of patients seen in 24 weeks
  • How do RWT statistics compare with the National Average 90% of patients seen in 23 weeks

*Data based on an average for 2014/15 and includes the 2 periods when ALL Trusts were allowed to breach the target to reduce the national RTT backlog


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