#SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth – Is there Something Sinister Happening to Cats On Ashmore Park?

This is my second Appeal for information on Cats on Ashmore Park. I first requested your help on the 9th March – Now I am asking for you yet again to inform me if you have lost a cat, if you found your cat killed or injured by a traffic accident, or if you have witnessed a cat being struck on the roads, or if your cat has been poisoned.

I am trying to log the losses so that we can see what kind of issues are around on Ashmore Park.

What appears certain is that there appears to be a very serious loss of pet cats on Ashmore Park. This is bringing huge concerns to pet owners. here is the original article first published on the 9th March!

In recent weeks I have had a number of reports from constituents who inform me that their concern is that some thing sinister is happening to cats in Ashmore Park. I know that the Police have been requested to investigate the situation, and I have referred one complaint directly to them.

Today I have received another request to investigate further a pet loss that has occurred.

I will request to meet the Police and try to get a handle on how large the problem is.

But I am keen to do a survey of my own before I request that meeting. I want to know who has lost a pet cat on Ashmore Park since January 2015 through to the current date.

  • Please tell me the date the cat went missing,
  • Where it lived by street and area example (kitchen lane Ashmore Park)
  • Did you find it dead? (S10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Signtreet +Area please)
  • Was a vet involved (Was it Poisoned)
  • Have you had a cat treated for poisoning by a vet?
  • Was it killed by a car or other means
  • Did you report your Pet missing to the Police?

If you can help by letting me know by return message or via my email@philbateman.com  email address, we can start to see the size of the problem. We can also work out a strategy with the Police if one is required.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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