(Item 6) Taking the Year (2015) in Review in Wednesfield North

IMG_0602 New Hoizons for Wolverhampton 

Planning – In the early part of the year I had asked the Planning enforcement officer to keep an eye on the growth of a hedge shielding the allotments from Linthouse Lane. The Hedge grows wild and in the dark nights the twigs rake pedestrian’s faces causing scratches and taking spectacles off. I  also dealt with issues relating to tree preservation orders. Also there had been a number of requests made to Walsall by residents to trim trees that are in the ownership of Walsall but affect properties in Snape and Simmons Road.

  • In April I raised the poor condition of the fence in Chilworth Avenue which protects the public from land and the Wyrley & Essington canal. Sadly despite many attempts to get this matter resolved, to this date it hasn’t been. The latest response I have had states “we still have no traceable owner; we are working on it however and I will update you as soon as I can. In reality we need someone we can prosecute rather than putting a charge on the land”. For me this is a planning issue that is far from over.
  • Also in April Hodson Close – restrictions on cycles and motorcycles in the shape of barriers and Bollards constructed
  • April – I also wrote to Wolverhampton Homes about vacant land in Barnard road. Only to find that the land is not in public ownership but has been sold to a Care Home company in 2006. I requested that the fence be made safe and the land be tidied up- The private owners complied with the request.
  • June – Controversy raised its head when the owners of the land in which the Ashmore Inn stands, applied to build a Co-operative Superstore, this has been opposed by some. But planning Committee has agreed to its construction. There are some issues outstanding I believe, but a new store looks likely to grace Ashmore Park this time next year.
  • July brought a new Fish & Chip shop to the Top Shops, there were few objections to the shop, and Planning gave the permissions.
  • October – An Archeological dig took place at the site of the former Danesmore School with a view to locating a tramway that moved coal in the 1800’s. The desk-based assessment identified a late 19th century tramway that linked the pits of the Ashmore Park Collieries with the Wyrley and Essington Canal, extant until the mid-20th century, and possibly surviving as a buried structure within the site. This former tramway does not form a major constraint upon any future development but since collieries and their associated tramways form a significant component of the historic character of Wolverhampton and the Black Country it is recommended that an archaeological evaluation is conducted to confirm the presence/absence, nature, date, and extent of any archaeological features, structures and deposits on the site.

Here below in table form is a list of Planning Permissions sought during last year and this year…

Land adjacent to 163 Linthouse Lane (1 house – completed)
Former Garage Site To Rear Of 19 And 21 Phillips Avenue * (4 bungalows – full permission) AM
Garage site to rear of 2 to 6 Wolmer Road * (1 dwelling – outline permission)
Garage Site to rear of 30 to 36 Bargery Road * (1 bungalow – outline permission)
Linthouse Inn, Linthouse Lane (12 houses – completed) AM
Land Adjacent To 5 Parker Road * (1 house – completed) AM
82 Lower Prestwood Road  (2 bedsits – completed)


  • December – Additionally there is an application into buy the former Community Association building in Griffith Drive, as at time of writing this- The sale has not been completed, and the owners are not going public.
  • December The Former Library on the other hand has been leased to an organisation that plans to convert it into a private Nursery School.

If you do have any Planning issues your Councillors hold regular Advice Surgeries and you are invited to attend……

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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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