(Item4) Taking the Year (2015)in Review in Wednesfield North- Sport

Aces 2015 Elite League Champions. 

Sport – This is an important leisure pursuit here in Wednesfield North and there are challenge’s all through the year to be able to develop and progress sport and the facilities it takes to play them.

    • January – Cycle Speedway – I was informed by Wednesfield Aces that World Championship Speedway was heading towards the Ashmore Park Track & HQ of Wednesfield Aces later in the Summer.
    • April – I had contact with BMX riders who requsted that the BMX track had grass cut and made useable- I contacted the right people and the track had a bit of work done to it. I was pleased that riders had requested help on this facility. The result was the BMX track at Ashmore Park was checked/inspected grass has been cut and the track is clear of any debris or holes etc there are no issues.
      BMX Track may 2015

      Councillors Mary Bateman, Rita Potter & Phil Bateman at the BMX track on Ashmore Park.

      Officers wrote “As mentioned to you previously no maintenance to track is undertaken it is natural dirt track similar to natural play area in some ways in that it provides a different riding surface, we do however carry safety checks  periodically. There are a couple of wooden posts that have snapped off and arrangements will made to remove them.”

    • March – Cycle Speedway Dash-Trophies Midland Grand Prix held on Saturday 14th March @ Ashmore Park Aces track
    • June– The World Championship Meeting was being talked as the biggest meeting to date in 53 years of the Wednesfield Aces Club It will be staged at Ashmore Park Wednesfield on Sunday 9th August 1pm Junior.. 3pm..Woman..5pm Open Final.a
    • June – Wednesfield Aces announce their sponsors YALE AND TYRE CITY for World Championships.
      • July – Cycle Speedway – Promising young rider Haydn Rowley announces he has successfully gained a sponsor Wednesfield based Varlowe Industrial Services have stepped forward to support local schoolboy in his sporting quest.
      • Haydn Rowley, from Wednesfield attending Coppice Performing Arts School is a club member and rider for Ashmore Park based Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway Club. Joining the club and starting out in 2012 Haydn has already tasted success with an Under 13s British Title in his first full season 2013, Under 14s National Title in 2014, team member of the British Club Championships 2014 and this year the club became Under 16s Champions with Haydn in the team.
  • August – Received this email message from Wednesfield Aces – “Thank you all for your support I think everyone agreed we did Ashmore Park and Wednesfield proud”
  • September – The draw has been completed this evening for the 2015 Charity Night on Friday 11th September. Councillor Phil Bateman again announced he would take part in the Cycle Speedway Charity Night. I raised £340 for the chosen charity Breast Cancer Now! and yes my legs and back ached after taking my place on starting line & racing all my races!
  • Also in September – I contacted the Parks Department at the start of the Sunday Football League to request the grass on the football pitches be cut in time for the True Briton’s League Programme to start.
  • October – I wrote to the Mayor “I just thought that you would like to know that Wednesfield Aces have again taken the Elite League Championship. I have placed a link onto this note. You can then follow it. and see how they did it. It has been a big year for this 54 year old club. Bringing the World Championships to their track at Ashmore Park took a lot of effort. But everyone recognised the hard work and diligence created a World Championship that reflected well on Wednesfield & indeed the City of Wolverhampton. Now winning domestic titles again, must be the icing on the cake! I am sure you will wish to congratulate the Club.
  • November –Story broke about Cycle Speedway legend Mick Aris retiring from cycle speedway after racing 50 years for Wednesfield Aces. Legend!
  • Also the club are at the Wolverhampton City Mayors reception on Tuesday 17th November for recognition of staging the world finals.  Adam Tipton was also up for an award of young Volunteer of the Year.

A busy year for sport in Wednesfield North with some very memorable moments.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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