Kill Speed on Linthouse Lane!

There has been much concern about the speed motorists travel along Linthouse Lane in Wednesfield. This has been a longstanding problem, since the Automatic Speed Cameras were turned off, several years ago.

Local residents have been voicing their concerns as accident after accident continues to occur. Your Wednesfield North Councillors have been in contact with the Local Authority constantly. Requesting a Road Safety scheme that will make Linthouse Lane safer, and supporting residents calls for action. We have been succesful in arguing our case.

Here is the latest response that has been made by the Highway Authority, following further contact by Councillors, and the finance approved through the City Councils Budget process.

“Linthouse Lane was identified as a route of concern during the most recent annual road safety review and subsequently has been approved for the allocation of funding through the Road Safety Capital Programme for 2024/25.

We are not able to provide detail related to the design at this time as the project is at feasibility stage where multiple options will be assessed for effectiveness to reduce injury collisions including economic assessments to prove cost efficiency.

Prior to the completion of detailed design, Consultation will be undertaken with Councillors and members of the public to explain the project, Request feedback to gauge public opinion and where suitable, develop the design further based on information received.”

With regards to the placing of static speed cameras. This is a further comment that details the response to the requests we have made.

“I note that there has been a request for Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) to be implemented on Linthouse Lane. It is the responsibility of West Midlands Police (WMP) to enforce vehicle speed limits on the network however, we have worked in partnership with WMP to establish a criteria for the implementation of ASE. I can inform you that Linthouse Lane does not meet with the criteria for the implementation of ASE however mobile speed enforcement is undertaken at Linthouse Lane opposite Springhill Road.”

Councillors will be contacting the Highway Authority again as we are keen to progress this scheme as soon as possible.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more