Latest- Peacock Ave Speed Survey News!

Constituents in Peacock ave and Eccleston Road have been keen to see speeds in these roads controlled. I have been speaking with Officers in the Road Safety team. I am going to share with you their latest comments relating to speed surveys that have been carried out.

“Dear Cllr Bateman -Thank you for forwarding the concerns of your constituent regarding the speed of vehicles on Peacock Avenue and Ecclestone Road.

We, along with many other authorities have noticed a general rise in vehicle speeds across the network during the Covid-19 restrictions. This is likely to be attributable to the significantly reduced levels of traffic on the roads which is enabling some of the drivers that are on the network to feel able to travel at higher speeds.

Our latest speed survey carried out on Peacock Avenue near to Whiston Avenue showed the following results:

Mean Speed: 26.4 mph
85th Percentile: 31.3 mph

Mean Speed: 26.9 mph
85th Percentile: 32.4 mph

The 85th percentile refers to the speed that 85% of drivers are travelling at or below.

The speeds above are in line with what we would expect to see on similar roads across the city. Whilst the local authority are responsible for setting speed limits and have a remit to try to reduce casualties on our network, we are not responsible for enforcing the speed limit. Officers from West Midlands Police should be able to outline to you what enforcement activity they are able to take at these two locations.

I’m sure that you will be aware that on-going budgetary pressures mean that we have to target our limited resources to those locations with the highest road safety risk based on statistical evidence. In order to do this, we analyse historic personal injury accident data to identify our priorities. I have checked the West Midlands Accident Database and found that there has been 3 slight casualties along Peacock Avenue and 4 slight casualties along Ecclestone Road during the period 2014-2019. The low casualty figures recorded mean that we were unable to include Peacock Avenue or Ecclestone Road in this years’ Transportation Capital Programme. The on-going budgetary pressures that I mentioned above also mean that we are unable to either re-instate or replace grass verges with parking areas/laybys.

As part of our efforts to try and encourage drivers to follow the speed limits when travelling along roads across the city we do have a 30mph ‘Kill your speed’ warning signs programme. I have made arrangements for both Peacock Avenue and Ecclestone Road to be added to this programme and the signs will be displayed in due course.

We will also, continue to monitor road safety on both Peacock Avenue and Ecclestone Road and consider whether any further measures could be justified in the future.”

Whilst there will be disappointment in the failure to gain any capital monies. I will be approaching the Police to encourage them to deliver more speed enforcement actions in Peacock ave.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more