Nearly 2,000 Tested! Covid-19 Ashmore Park Hub.

Almost two thousand people (1935 in total)have been through the doors of the Hub at Ashmore Park, I think that we have done very well in supporting this testing station and getting ourselves and our families tested. We can’t dodge the issue the fact is that Covid-19 infection in Ashmore Park and Wednesfield through the late Autumn, into the turn of the year 2021, has been horrendous.

Infection rates were consistently higher than the Wolverhampton average, and the UK average.
Indeed, this morning the Birmingham Evening Mail is reporting that Ashmore is still in the top 57 areas that make up the West Midlands region.

Our rates are coming down quite fast and we must still do more. The Public Health team have informed me overnight that we have had almost 2,000 individuals test at The Hub.
• 1868 tested have had a Negative response.
• 58 individuals have however tested Positive.

With 58 people identified and taken out of the everyday life of meeting people and getting them to isolate. Has clearly proven the right approach to reducing infection.

Over Friday and Saturday 12 &13th of February, the testing team discovered a further 2 persons each day, with a Positive result.

Now whilst the numbers are clearly coming down, we still need to continue testing ourselves and our families. Now is not the time to stop testing. The guidance is we can test every seven days. Mary and I done so last Thursday, and we will be presenting again this Thursday coming.

Would employers please urge your staff to test.

Can I appeal to the residents of Wednesfield North, to please keep testing. We need to get back to near normal lives. You do have a role to play in this! Please take yourself and your family for a test this coming week. The Hub at Ashmore Park Griffith Drive, Ashmore Park.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more