New Planning Application – City Councillor to Object!

I have objected to the proposal to change the retail unit PLANNING USE at 601 Griffith Drive which shares a site with the Co-Op. These are the terms of the objection.

“I want to object to Reference 17/01363/FUL the proposal to change the use of this unit from Class A1 Retail.

The original planning application for the construction of these two units on the part of the Ashmore Inn site was itself contentious. The decision to give planning permission was ‘sold’ to residents on the basis it would enhance the retail situation for the wider community.

This decision to so quickly change the retail classification, to Sui Generis is a very retrograde step.

My objections are that the site is not suitable for the change of use demanded. There are a limited number of car parking spaces that were set out for the development and took into account the requirement of the Public House already on site, and the new Co-Op shop.

I use the facilities and I am concerned that the majority of the customers for the new applicant, will not be local, they will be travelling further and will be coming by car in the main. This will increase traffic flow at a very sensitive part of Griffith Drive. There are three Nursery and Child Care facilities, within 150metres of the proposed shop.

The schools generate a lot of movements of pedestrians and vehicles when the schools are open. As does the Public House and the other retail stores opposite on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. Additionally there is a very busy bus stop outside of the Ashmore Inn, with local buses every 6 minutes. These public transport movements also constrain and complicate the highway movements on Griffith Drive.

There are not enough parking bays at 601 Griffith Drive at certain times of the day for the current arrangements as they stand, but to have up to 15 extra cars taking up bays outside the proposed Salon – will create undoubted conflicts of movements.

I would urge you also to consider public safety. Currently there is a very well used pedestrian crossing that serves the Shopping area, the schools, the bus stop, the public house and the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.   It is already a cause for concern because of cars using the Co-Op car park for access to the shop.

Take 15 bays out of circulation and you will affect the performance and the viability of the Co –Op shop.

Potentially the parking problems will increase, and road and pedestrian conflict in a very tight area is a major concern for me.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more