No Ownership Records For Alleyway!


A little while ago I was asked to look into the Alleyways that link Woodend road and Prestwood Avenue. The complaints I had from users were that they were unkempt, muddy, and littered with rubbish. I had looked into the matter several times before in the years that I have represented the area. The Alleyways are used by parents taking their children to school and are a useful shortcut.

Nevertheless, I asked City officials to update me on the situation.

I can inform you that they have now reported back to me and this is the situation as of June 2019.

I am informed that unfortunately, the land is not registered at HM Land Registry and furthermore, the City internal records show that it is not owned by the City Council. It is therefore extremely difficult (if not impossible) to determine ownership.

The City inform me that they  did look into the titles of some of the surrounding properties, to see whether we could identify parties who have granted any rights of way for the benefit of those surrounding properties.

The theory here being that the parties granting any such rights must have been granting them out of a unregistered freehold or leasehold interests. A couple of companies were revealed but those companies are not registered at Companies House due to their historical nature. City Officials go onto explain that, Even if they  could locate those companies, they would be under considerable difficulty in establishing any of their successors. Regrettably, and despite some considerable efforts, I do not think that there is much more that City of Wolverhampton Council can do to establish ownership of these alleyways.

What I would like to add though is that there ere are still some further enquiries being made for thoroughness.

But with the  ownership unresolved or determined. That means that the state of the alleyways is going to remain much as they are today. As I say I am still awaiting the results of another enquiry being made relating to this issue, and that will enable a full response to be made. But we are where we are on this matter for the time being. I hope that residents and interested persons find the information useful. Even if it is frustrating.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more