Now Local Pharmacies Are Under Threat From This Government!

The Government has more plans to cut services in the National Health Service with the announcement just before Christmas that they are going to reduce monies for Pharmacies.

On 17th December 2015 the Government announced a number of plans for community pharmacy. The proposals included a £170m reduction in funding for community pharmacy in 2016/17. Since publication of that letter it has also become clear that as many as 3,000 pharmacies may close, that key payments for pharmacies will be phased out, and that there may be a drive towards a commoditised medicines supply service with an increased focus on warehouse dispensing and online services.

Councillor Phil Bateman

I shall be writing to the Director of Public Health to see if these Government plans pose a threat to Local Pharmacies in the City of Wolverhampton.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “The national pharmacy organisations believe the proposals pose significant threats to both the community pharmacy network and patient care, and we are working together to seek support.

Pharmacies are a valuable and valued resource

* People in England make 1.6 million visits to community pharmacies every day.

* As well as dispensing medicines community pharmacy teams help people to stay well and out of the GP’s surgery, to get the most benefit from their medicines, and to manage their health conditions.

* Pharmacies are easy to access and form part of the fabric of local communities. Pharmacy teams regularly go the extra mile for patients, the public and the NHS

* The NHS spends £2bn per year on GP consultations for conditions which pharmacy teams could treat.ii

* 96% of the population can reach a pharmacy within 20 minutes by walking or using public transport.

* More than 1 billion prescription items are dispensed by community pharmacies every year.

* Pharmacies delivered more than 3.17 million medicines use reviews to help people to understand and take their medicines correctly in 2014/15.

* Community pharmacies help us to stay well and prevent unnecessary visit to the GP’s surgery and A&E. For example, pharmacy services supporting frail elderly people after hospital discharge have reduced re-admittance by 63%.iii

* Community pharmacy can and should do much more. A community pharmacy minor ailments service could save the NHS £1bn per year through reduced GP appointments.iv

The Government’s plans threaten patients’ access to pharmacies and pharmacy services.

Councillor Phil Bateman went onto say ” The Government wants pharmacies to close. The Health Minister has suggested that up to 3,000 pharmacies – a quarter of pharmacies in England – could be forced to close under its plans.

The Government says it wants a ‘clinically-focused’ community pharmacy service and to optimise the use of medicines.

The network underpinning the supply of medicines is complex and fragile. The Government has proposed a blanket cut in funding that will have unpredictable consequences.”

I do hope our Member of Parliament will do as much as she can to challenge the Government on these issues which surround the funding of Local Pharmacies. I shall be writing to the Director of Public Health to see if these Government plans pose a threat to Local Pharmacies in the City of Wolverhampton.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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