Over the Last Five Days……!

So what has taken place this week?

  • Mary Rita and I have attended the ground breaking ceremony of the Voyager Care Home which is being constructed in Barnard Road. We met with and spoke with Local Residents.
  • Mary and I attended the Express and Star debate in Dudley at the Black Country Museum for the new Regional Metro Mayor. The election takes place in May of this year
  • I attended the Phoenix Nursery School to inspect the premises and meet with the staff where we discussed the new school facilities, the children’s education and I spoke with school management about Safeguarding.

    IMG_0275 Sue Lacey

    Nursery Head-Teacher Sue Lacey

  • Celebrated International Women’s Week by highlighting the excellent work Head Teacher Sue Lacey of the Ashmore Park Nursery does, and the international links the schools of Ashmore Park & Phoenix have with Sweden.
  • Also your three Labour Councillors have worked all week supporting a ‘No Smoking’ Message here in Wednesfield North. Working in partnership with The Hub’s Lifestyle Choices, professional we have tried to highlight the dangers of smoking in the home and for pregnant women. It has been a great campaign, culminating in the ‘National No Smoking Day’ . All three of your Councillor Mary, Rita and Phil, have been giving anti-smoking messages over the Social Media, and discussing the messages with constituents. More than 4,000 readers on our  social media pages have been informed. Plus a report on what we have been taking part in, has been dispatched to the Public Health Director.
  • Later today (Friday) Mary & I will be attending the funeral of The Reverend Tony Kinch – a very great local Preacher from the Methodist faith. Tony had a ‘booming ‘ voice and we will join his family and friends on this very sad day to remember him.
  • I have also assisted a family into a new home
  • Continue to assist a constituent with a school placement problem
  • Met with some constituents about a broader school problem
  • Reported an environmental infringement on the Canal side to the Authorities
  • Met with APCA with issues that the committee felt needed discussion
  • Assisted with a garage site issue for a constituent
  • Dealt with a Lamp and a light problem
  • Contacted the neighbouring Councillor in Essington due to a problem on the footpath known as the Nicket
  • Contacted the City Council following Wednesfield complaints that the St Thomas’s Churchyard in Graisley Lane, and the trees & graves there have been badly damaged by Storm Doris.

All in all a very interesting week for your three Wednesfield North Councillors!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more