Phil Bateman Labour – “I have no dislike ‘Green Policies!”

#SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth – Green Policies are being promoted! I have no dislike for ‘Green Politics’ in fact in many ways I feel that we here in Wednesfield North do more to make our community aware of the importance of these types of policies that the ‘Green Party’ itself does.

So what have Labour done here in Wednesfield North to make the public aware of the importance of ‘Green’ policy.

I and my fellow Ward Councillors have always been #SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth – to reduce Climate change and at the same time done as much as we  can to promote ‘Green policies’.

Let’s just look at the Policies we have been standing and supporting for years.

  • I support the provision and expansion of Public Transport
  • I support the extension and expansion of a ‘green’ LRT Tram system.
  • I support and have been the main promoter of the plan to create a Nature Reserve along the Wyrley & Essington canal
  • I support the idea of moving more freight traffic back onto canals.
  • I support and promote the creation of ‘Wild Flower’ meadows in Wednesfied North
  • I have urged the residents of Wednesfield from as long back as 2007 to buy and plant a tree in their gardens.
  • I promote Parks and Green Open Space
  • I write articles about the trees and species that we have in Ashmore Park – to encourage people to understand the benefit of trees and the environment.
  • I along with Mary have designed a ‘Walk for Health’ using old mineral railway lines, canals, and ancient walkways


My message is a clear one for voters of Wednesfield North.

Support Phil Bateman Labour on the 5th May-  City Council election day.

Feel assured that ‘Green’ is very much an important issue for me.

So if you like someone who wants to reduce green-house gasses,Reduce noxious emissions on the road, build Public Transport, and new Light Rail Transit systems, look after the environment, encourage walking, taking freight off the roads where you can.

Then you really must Vote for Phil Bateman Labour!photo Orchid on Red Bank

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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