Police Answer Plea – Vehicle Crime in Wednesfield North

There have been much concerns of late, around Vehicle Crime across Wednesfield North, and in particular in Coppice Farm estate. Also vehicle crime In the neighbouring Borough of Walsall spilling over and taking place, here in Wednesfield.

I have been in touch with the local Wednesfield Police Neighbourhood team. Where I asked for increased patrols across my Ward. During the day and into the early hours. I ensured that the Police neighbourhood team were aware of the concerns of residents. Coppice Farm residents were very concerned about the increased loss of catalytic convertors from vehicles just across the boundary in Walsall.

I also raised the issue of Vehicle Crime and the protection of property with senior officers in Wolverhampton. I spoke with Superintendent Inglis about Crime numbers,and strategy, and Inspector Corrigan has since responded also.

I can inform you that the Police are taking this issue seriously. They tell me that the Police will be conducting live checks of sites and property of interest all this week. They tell me other things that I feel that I cannot make public. But they are taking this issue very seriously. I am sure the Police will want to say more, after the operations that they are carrying out this week.

My message to Wednesfield North is that I am pleased with the response I have received from senior officers.

I want you the residents to know that your concerns have and are being acted upon. I have done my level best to encourage and provide information to the Police of your concerns.

Inspector Corrigan wants me to inform you that “I understand that residents of Coppice Farm are raising concerns regarding the theft of catalytic converters, particularly in the neighbouring borough. I can assure you we take this type of crime, along with others very seriously. Any identified enquiries are conducted fast time. Due to the time of night these crimes occur, CCTV and forensic opportunities are limited but it won’t deter us from investigating these matters. We will always prioritise any particular crime hot spots, so any increase in this crime type in a particular area will result in increased Police activity. If any of the residents have any information which may assist the Police, then please encourage them to contact us on 101 or report online and will follow this up. “

I want to add that residents across Wednesfield North can trust me to press the issue of crime and their concerns to the highest levels.

Generally, across Wolverhampton, crime is always in the lower quartile in Wednesfield, when analysed against local Wards across the City. It is a generally safe neighbourhood. But it is important that we drive crime lower. I will always press the Police on your behalf. I am pleased with Inspector Corrigan’s detailed response to me. I look forward to seeing the results of the actions they are taking as a Force this week

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more