Police – Residents Need To Be Aware!

Councillor Mary Bateman and Cllr Phil Bateman attended the Police and Community meeting held at Wednesfield High School last night in Wednesfield.

The Wednesfield Police team told us that during the month of April there had been a total of 35 crimes here in Wednesfield North. That was three crimes more than the same period in 2017.

There had been 1 burglary , 2 criminal damages incidents, Zero Robbery.2 theft of a motorcar, and 4 shop lifting offences.

The police told us that there was a large operation taking place related to vehicle crime and burglary.

They spoke of burglary hotspots around Lower Prestwood Road and Prestwood Avenue. Residents living in or near this location please keep an eye out for anything suspicious. DO not hesitate in phoning the police if you are disturbed about a persons/s behaviour. Report it.

The Police spoke about the continued pressure by the community around speed. They informed us that a speed watch was done in Peacock Ave in March resulting in one prosecution. Speed watch took place in Kitchen Lane on the 16th April. Then on the 20th April the traffic department with local police initiated a large exercise that resulted in 30 prosecutions taking place after the vehicles caught in Waddensbrook Lane were exceeding the speed limit.

Anti Social Behaviour identifies the Ashmore Park Estate as being a hot spot, here in our Ward of Wednesfield North.

The police asked the community to keep a watch on elderly and vulnerable senior citizens. Apparently they are being targeted by people, be friended and relieved of their valuables and money. This relates to issues around drugs and addictions. Residents are asked to report anything they feel is suspicious. It would be good to see more Wednesfield North residents attending these meetings…please feel free to ask questions…….

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more