Residents Concerns About Peach Road Parking.

Wolverhampton City Council is under great pressure by Government to sell underused land, and construct new homes.

A decision has been taken by Wolverhampton Council following Government advice, has instructed Wolverhampton Homes to identify develop or sell land that is lying redundant, or  has remained redundant for a number of years in their Land Portfolios.

In Peach Road on the Wyvern Park Estate. There are two chunks of land that fall into that category. They have been gated some years following complaints by neighbours that the land was used for anti-social behaviour.


Peach Road

These two parcels of land have now been identified amongst other similar sites in Wednesfield North and across the City, for Development for New Homes. The initial ground inspections have already started.

I will be requesting access to the results of the ground inspections, when they are finalised and I will of course publicise them.

If a decision is made to move forward to constructing new homes, a planning permission will be required. That will give an opportunity to either support or oppose the planning proposal. That will also mean that a public consultation will be required.

In recent months I have had complaints from residents about haphazard parking in Peach Road, and vehicles blocking footways. Commercial vehicles have been accused of parking on pavements, which then force mobility scooters and parents with push chairs out onto the street.

None of these issues are in themselves easy to address, it relies on vehicle owners to be more understanding and more thoughtful when parking.

In my conversations with the Wolverhampton Homes about the situation around car parking in Peach Road, Wolverhampton Homes have made a suggestion that they feel may help to relieve the situation. They are looking at a solution which could allow home owners using the current Wolverhampton Homes gated  garage site on Wyvern Close.

Their thoughts are about giving consideration to allowing private home owners a space to park their vehicles in this Wyvern Close site. They recognise that there needs to be some work done to the car park surface and general grounds maintenance work needs to be carried out to make the current site more acceptable.

Wolverhampton Homes would need to formalise the License agreements for potential users, but this site would seem a viable solution for those people requiring additional parking.

WH inform me that “Once all of the preparation work has been completed we will offer the local residents use of the site, there will however be a charge for parking.”



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more