Result! – Severn Trent Compensate 4,484 Customers

Here is a result brought about by continuing to talk with Severn Trent Water Company. – And I am Still Talking with Severn Trent!

In total, Severn Trent Water Company have proactively paid 4,484 customers a total sum of £187,260.

This is another message from Severn Trent who are answering the comments I have addressed to them around the loss of water between May 28th and June 4th 2020.

This morning I once again engaged Severn Trent Water Company on your behalf.

• I informed them that – “Many of my constituents in Wednesfield North (WV11 and WV12) are still upset that they have not been offered a compensation package.
• They remain angry and confused about the patterns that are starting to become public, of where ST are offering, as a company, compensation and the locations where you are not.
• Please can you share the number of offers that have been made and the total monetary value?

• I have suggested to individuals that if they still are aggrieved, they should contact the company.

• I have also placed the advice you offer on my social media sites and have drew attention to it.

I went onto argue that “The issue is a very serious one for my constituents, whilst the water company appear to be dealing with it as a water distribution issue. The fact that it denied water to individuals and families during the Covid19 pandemic, it was and quickly became, very much a Public Health issue.

It remains a Public Health issue today. I am hoping that the company will recognise this, as well as recognising the fact that the communications from Severn Trent were weak and confusing at the time back in May.

This is the response made to me by Severn Trent Water Company – The Key Points are
• The standard payment in these situations is £30 per household – broadly the equivalent of a month’s free water.
• Severn Trent have paid everybody who they think was affected by the incident proactively – “we’ve gone to them; they haven’t had to come to us”. It’s all been done automatically.
• In total, Severn Trent have proactively paid 4,484 customers a total sum of £187,260.
• Normally, people would have to apply for the compensation, but to try to make things easier we have contacted people we think were affected by text or letter
• If people think we have left them out by mistake, they can contact us in the normal way. We have tried to go above and beyond what would be normal practice.

Severn Trent Water company, and my contact at the Company have been very responsive to the points that I have made on your behalf They are further stating that:

1. We are sorry for the disruption experienced two weeks ago.
2. Our teams are working flat out to maintain supplies in a very challenging situation (record demand for water and restrictions to how we work as a result of C19). I’m biased, but I see the work they are doing on the ground and I think they are amazing.
3. We have pro-actively contacted all the people we think were affected
4. If someone thinks we have missed them, they should contact us – full details on our website. Our proactive outreach is ‘over and above’.
5. We are again expecting high demand this week (temperatures could reach 30 degrees) and so we’re again asking people to restrict their use of hosepipes to ensure there is enough water to go around.

Councillor Phil Bateman added “I know that this message has become a very long one. But you can see from the activity, that Severn Trent have tried very hard to make amends for their water failures in May and early June. If you haven’t had a compensation payment please contact the company direct and explain why you feel you should have had one. If you live in Wednesfield North and you want to contact me …my email address is

I am very pleased to see that the company has paid 4,484 customers a total of £187,260 . I think that is well on the way to being a result, based on a lot of local pain and anxiety during a Covid 19 Pandemic! Never give up!”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more