‘Scruffy Notice’ – Taped to a Waiting Room Door!

This ‘Blood Clinic’ issue on Ashmore Park currently taking place at Ashmore Park Health Centre on Tuesday and Wednesdays is clearly under review.

I have found this out from a ‘scruffy’ photo copy that The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust has produced and provided. But it is so unprofessional and lacking in information it doesn’t tell you much.

The communication for a key service to 8,000 of my constituents has not been communicated properly. It takes no account of the needs of people, no consultation, no proper explanations or reasons.

I am so very angry that people can be treated in this way. I will be contacting the CEO of New Cross tomorrow to let them know of the strong feelings I have about this. I welcome the petition that has been set up by angry patients and I support their attempts to get this decision stopped in its tracks.

I think the communication to users of this service is a disgrace, and no wonder inaccurate rumours have been sweeping Wednesfield, that Dr Georges Surgery was closing! IT IS NOT.

The NHS is the largest employer in Europe and so you would have expected that such a big organisation would have a professional communication strategy that would fit its big billing! I have been trying for a whole day to get to speak to someone who could explain to me what was taking place. Despite my attempts all day, I have not had that chance.

Patients are clearly concerned about these instant decisions, and if the decisions taken was the  responsibility of the RWT. I will be raising the issue with them at their next board meeting, which  I will be attending in September.

I call for the decisions taken to move the Phlebotomy services,  to be halted until a proper consultation has been taken with the people who are the patients, and the customers of these services,  and are paying the tax £’s that provide the financial resources that drive these management decisions.

IMG_6217 blood clinic

The scruffy notice with no branding no information that is taped to the waiting room door!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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