Six Motorbikes crushed – It was 2008!

In my Councillor Phil Bateman Archives there is this little piece of information that kind of jumps out at you….

At the end of April this item caught my attention in my Archives of 2008 –

In those days Ashmore Park had its own Police Liaison Committee……Here is what the Archives recorded…
“Back on the 22 April 2008 – At that nights Police Liaison Committee on Ashmore Park the police informed the residents who attended that they had already crushed 6 nuisance motorbikes which had been zooming around the estate and along the canal tow-paths.

There was much support given by residents to this news. It was clear that there was a real effort being made by Wednesfield Police to protect pedestrians and others from these bad motorcyclists, who really do not care too much about others.”

Now that is a big statistic for crushed Motorbikes! I think I may ask the Police what the statistic was for 2019! Hopefully there is more people complying with the law now? Though I have to inform you I have had some photographs sent me of two such bikes on the Wyrley and Essington Canal at Castlebridge Gardens only this last week. Which I have sent to the Police…..

Phil Bateman

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