Street Trees and the Environment -Wednesfield North

There has been some concern in Broad Lane North about the size of the tree canopy in Broad Lane North,as it runs towards the junction with Lichfield Road.

There is also some major concerns with the way trees and hedges along Kitchen Lane have grown towards the centre of the Lane. This growth has caused damage to vehicles.

I have also been informed of trees in Griffith Drive where the tree branches are resting on the roof of local homes.

I am also involved in a request to Walsall to deliver attention to the trees owned by Walsall which are causing problems in Snape and Simmons Road to City residents.
Plus there are some trees in The Ashmore Park which are causing boundary problems and concerns about safety.

As residents will see the importance of trees weighs heavily in the thoughts of residents and the implications on the City Council are immense considering that there are 59 other Wards in addition to Wednesfield North.

In Broad Lane North this is the latest information that I have – All highway trees in Board Lane North are due for inspection this financial year 2021/22 (on programme) at which time the trees health, condition and any work requirements will be assessed. The team will also ensure all trees have the appropriate height clearance over the public footpath.
Kitchen Lane- the problem tree and hedge was due to be inspected, and any remedial work undertaken. If anyone has faced damage to their vehicle.I would urge you to make a claim. It is not something that Councillors can do for you.

The issues of the trees in Snape and Simmons road. This is still frustrating because the ownership of them fall to Walsall MBC. The latest information on the 11th June is that Walsall Officers are to respond. ! will keep you informed.

Trees at Griffith Drive- I am still engaged with City Officials over these.

Trees The Ashmore Park- Again this is an issue where the conversation remains ongoing.

The issue of trees and the environment is a major part of the work currently being undertaken here in Wednesfield North.

Also the issues that relate to the Green Belt and the potential of new home building on Green field sites are taking up a lot of time. Please keep a watch on my social media sites where I try to keep answering the issues so that the wider Ward of Wednesfield North can follow.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more