The Campaign Against A ‘Scruffy Little Notice’ Worked!

I recently reported on the fact that the NHS were to close the ‘Blood Clinic’ or to give it the proper name Phlebotomy Service currently running from the Ashmore Park Clinic on Griffith Drive. I explained to readers that I thought the information was poor, and the communication was amateurish.

Indeed I placed the photograph on the door with the title “A Scruffy Little Notice”. I also gave notice that I would be chasing the organisers to change their minds about this closure. As you my constituents were telling me that the new arrangements would be damaging to you.

I have since been trying to find out who was responsible for making those decisions. I have been in touch with the Office of both the Chair and the Chief Executive of the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust. Plus the Office of the Director of Wolverhampton’s Public Health team.

I have also spoken to the Express and Star and I have received a written invitation to attend Dr Georges and Dr Rajcholan own Patients Participation Group.

Also I have written about this sad and sorry mess on my website plus my other social media outlets Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Thousands of people have read these reports and you the constituents, and many of the 8,000 patients that are part of the Ashmore Park clinic have contacted me urging that I press ahead in a bid to halt the ‘blood clinics ‘ closure here on the estate.

Now the good news! I received a telephone call Monday to confirm that the clinic would stay open. After all the activity, and the difficulty in finding out who was actually making decisions, an answer!

I requested that they provide me with that information in a written form. This is it folks! “the phlebotomy service at Ashmore is going to stay open and will be reviewed again in three months. Richard Radcliffe, Head of Communications, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.”

Now this is a breathing space, nothing more. I will be campaigning to ensure that proper consideration is given to patients. That its good well thought out communications are provided to patients…..and yes I have signed the Petition in the Doctors surgery….No we don’t want any more Scruffy Notices with no information on them!IMG_6217 blood clinic

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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