The Everyday First Aid Programme!

Hi I received this note and thought that it was a good proposal to place here on my social media pages, if you run an organisation or a club that you feel could benefit from the proposal below. Click on the link and follow the advice…….

My name is Rosie, I am a Service Coordinator & Community Educator with the British Red Cross. With the help of a small team we deliver free Everyday First Aid sessions to vulnerable adults and those who are considered at greater risk of sudden illness or injury within the West Midlands, in particular people battling drug & alcohol problems, homeless people and people over 65; we also deliver sessions to the people and communities who support our target groups. 

542_133226 AgendaThe  programme is provided free of charge and has been created to deliver basic first aid skills that are simple to learn and easy to remember. The sessions are tailored to accommodate the learning and physical needs of individual groups; we find this flexible approach helps to create an informal learning environment, ensuring participants enjoy the process while gaining new skills and building confidence along the way. I have included a link to our website, which gives lots of information regarding the service. “

 ” The reason I am writing to you is to ask for your help in reaching our target audience, should you be aware of any organisations who would benefit from this service please do not hesitate to pass my details to them, I will be delighted to discuss the programme further.With Kind Regards,

 Rosie Atkins-Turley, Co-ordinator, Crisis Education.

Phil Bateman

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