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Councillor Phil Bateman  said today – ” Wednesfield North Councillors received the following correspondence from  The Post Office today 12th June 2018. Whilst it is not a very uplifting piece of information. It nevertheless sets the situation out so that residents and customers of the Post Office can see what is taking place. I know many of you have missed the Post Office in Woodend. Fingers crossed that the bosses at the Post Office will be able to progress this issue quickly, and find another location quickly”.

Dear Sir/Madam

Wood End Post Office®

289 Wood End Road, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV11 1YQ

Temporary Closure – update

I’m writing to let you know what’s been happening with the above Post Office service which closed temporarily on 27 November 2017.

Wood End Post Office closed because due to operational reasons. Since the closure, we have been exploring our options for restoring a Post Office service to our customers in the area.

In exploring likely future provision, we are still confident that a Post Office local service will best meet the community’s needs. As you are aware from using your former service, Post Office locals run alongside an established local shop. They are designed to create a more modern and convenient retail experience for customers in premises which are adapted to accommodate Post Office facilities.

The vacancy in Wood End was advertised on our website and I have also personally visited the area. I can confirm that we have had some interest locally in the opportunity but our negotiations are at an early stage so I am unable to provide you with any further information at this point.

I’m sorry for the time it is taking to restore a service locally and for the inconvenience the ongoing temporary closure is causing to our customers. We hope they will continue to use the other branches in the area during this time.

We would welcome any applications from potential retail partners interested in running a branch on our behalf. The vacancies are currently being advertised on our website and applications will be carefully considered. If you are aware of any interested parties, please do share the link with them.

If you have any questions please write to me via the National Consultation Team at the address shown below. Please note that your comments will not be kept confidential unless you expressly ask us do so by clearly marking them “In Confidence”.

We’re carrying out this communication in line with our Code of Practice. You can find more information about the Code at the end of this letter.

Thank you for your continued patience during the time taken to resolve this situation. I’ll write to you again when I have more news.

Yours faithfully

Karen Coles

Karen Coles

Area Network Change Manager

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Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more