There is never A Dull Day in Wednesfield!

Over the week end  two of my constituents contacted me about Two Staffs bull terriers on the loose. It is alleged that they had attacked a man and his dog.

I phoned the 101 number to report, but the number just rang out. I am concerned that it is getting harder and harder to contact the Police. In the end I left an email. Not good I will be writing to the police placing my concerns on public record.

I received this note late last week “I know you are busy at the moment with Wednesfield in Bloom, but I wonder if you could pass this on to the relevant people who could fix the problem.

I catch the bus by the shops in wood end road in particular the bus stop by the Qmin restaurant. It looks like work has been done on pavement for disabled users or motor rise scooters. But with the heat etc the pavement has come loose and is a unsafe and unsightly as per pictures attached.”

I did contact the Highways team and they got back in touch saying that they were going to take a look, and sort something out. Which they did.

Well the Heart of England in Bloom Inspectors came and went last Friday. They were very enthusiastic about the work the Wednesfield Volunteers had done. I expect Wednesfield to win an Award! My own personal thanks goes to everybody who did some work, or who donated flowers, or did some other job to get us through the day. It has been a marvellous experience.

Of course even though the Wednesfield in Bloom Inspectors have now been and gone! The plants still need looking after…I have to say I pray for a little rain at night. I know if it starts (rain!) we probably will not see the sun again! But running around with water in the car is very wearing.

So this week started (Monday 9 July) with a daylong session of The City Councils Scrutiny Panel which I am chairing. It relates to the localised flooding that took place in The City last bank Holiday. The Scrutiny Panel was an all-day affair and not open to the public. Thought the findings will be published.

This was followed by a Wolverhampton Labour Group Meeting in the evening. We left the City Council around 8.30pm….a very long day! Plus the start of a new week……


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more