These Councillors Voted To Help Local Pharmacies.

At the last City Council I moved the following resolution to protect our Local Pharmacies here in Wednesfield and across the City. I felt it was a bad decision by Government to make the cuts that they were making to support for Local Pharmacies. I wanted Wolverhampton to vent its concern to Government with the City standing together.

I appealed to our local Conservatives asking them to consider their local Pharmacies future. This loss of funding will impact heavily on jobs in the local stores. Plus it may also force drastic closures on others.

Sadly the Local Conservative Party voted against that resolution. I then called for a ‘named’ vote. The Conservatives all voted against the resolution. So much for their Local Interest in Independent Pharmacies in their own Wards…perhaps you will remind them if your local Pharmacy loses staff or looks like failing. Here are the names of the Councillors who supported the motion., and those that voted against…….phil-bateman-speaking-to-the-pharmacy-resolution


Motions on Notice

Local impact of national cuts to community pharmacies

Councillor Phil Bateman moved the following motion:

That this Council notes with concern the government announcement on 14 October

2016 that it is reducing funding for community pharmacies by £113m in the four

months from December 2016 – March 2017.


This equated to an average loss of £8,000 for each pharmacy in Wolverhampton,

representing a 12% cut. In addition the timing of this announcement means it is

required to be delivered in a very short time scale, leaving local pharmacies very little

time to plan or implement.


A further cut of £208m, on average £14,500 per pharmacy in Wolverhampton, will be

imposed next year. 

These cuts will have a direct negative impact on the Council’s strategic priorities

related to Public Health as well as the possible closure of local pharmacies across

the city, leading to a reduction in accessible healthcare for vulnerable communities,

and increased pressure on other parts of the health and social care systems.


We therefore call on the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board to write to our local

MPs raising these concerns and asking them to lobby government to highlight the

local impact of this national policy.

Councillor Steve Simkins seconded the motion and outlined the importance of

supporting community pharmacies and highlighted the impact of a closure of a

pharmacy in his ward.


Councillor Wendy Thompson outlined the rationale why government were making

changes to funding for community pharmacies and emphasised that instead funding

would be transferred into the NHS to fund vital services. She requested that Health

Scrutiny consider the item in detail.

Councillor Phil Bateman urged Councillors to support the motion and support the pharmacy businesses in Wolverhampton. 

Upon being put to the meeting, and a division having been demanded and taken

voting thereon was as follows: 



Bagri Banger M Bateman

P Bateman Bedi Bilson

Bolshaw Brackenridge Claymore

Collingswood Darke S Evans

V Evans Gakhal Gibson

Gwinnett Hardacre Hodgkiss

Inston M Jaspal Johnson

Kaur Koussoukama Lawrence

Malcolm Miles Moran

Muston O’Neill Page

Potter Reynolds John Rowley

Judith Rowley Russell Samuels

Siarkiewicz Simkins M Singh

T Singh Sweet Sweetman





Haynes Mills Patten

Photay P Singh U Singh

Thompson Findlay



That motion on local impact of national cuts to community pharmacies be



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more