This ‘Green Belt’ Fight Is Going To Be Difficult!


If electors of Wednesfield North are interested in what Rita Potter says about the Green Belt and Linthouse lane.
Then the latest election leaflet spells it out!
We have now produced an election address for Councillor Rita Potter – and we are in the process of delivering yet another ‘Meet Our Candidate- Councillor Rita Potter ‘ leaflet.Rita sets out the situation with the Staffordshire Green Belt. The first of those leaflets went out yesterday….The whole Ward will be in receipt of one before Election Day. At the moment every home on the Linthouse estate has had one delivered over the lat 24 hours.

We have been at pains to state that the full information on the extent of the threat to the Green Belt, will be known after election day. I understand that Essington has something like a threat of 8,000 homes hanging over it!  Of which 2,500 homes are directly on our boundary – down as North of Linthouse Lane.
Now its not a panic, there will have to be consultation and there will have to be planning approvals. We have got a lot of time to make our case. Before any construction work can start.
It would be good to have the Essington Councillors on side. But the Essington Village itself is going through a bitter election as well. I anticipated what would happen during this summer, when I originally broke the story.
I spoke with their two South Staffordshire District Councillors last Summer about these proposals.
I will speak with the new Councillors as soon as the election has taken place to find some common ground.
Wednesfield North residents this message is very much for you. We need all the experience we can muster , because we have a real fight on our hands to protect this Green Belt.
However there cannot be a more experienced team of Councillors like you have here in Wednesfield North, between us Rita, Mary and I, have some 56 years of Local Government experience, and additionally we do get things done for our community.
If you want us to win this fight over the Green Belt then you have to Vote for Rita Potter Labour X on Thursday. 


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more