Wednesfield – Be Part Of Our ‘Big Blooming Effort’!

Wednesfield-In-Bloom-WV11Wednesfield will be again entering the Heart of England in Bloom competition for 2017!

This is how you can help!

The Wednesfield In Bloom team are looking for the High Street traders to again make a contribution and improve on the displays that led to a Silver Award last year. The very first time that the Wednesfield Village team had entered this prestigious competition.

But this year (2017) we are also going to be looking at the contribution that individual’s make by keeping their gardens tidy, and dare I suggest consider making a special effort for that first week in July when the competition takes place.

It will be open to resident’s, private owners and rented, to enter their front gardens into the Wednesfield in Bloom effort to impress the Heart of England Judges.

Its simple to enter.-

If you live in the following Wards and within Wednesfield boundaries – then you can enter!

So if you are living in the Wards of Wednesfield South, Fallings Park, Heath Town (Part Of) Wednesfield North we are looking for you to enter your front garden.

To enter contact Councillor Phil Bateman by Royal Mail at – Wolverhampton City Council Civic Centre St Peters Square Wolverhampton WV1 1RP

Or by email at – leaving your own email address and of course your own Royal Mail Address.

Just inform me of your name, and your address, and tell me that you would like to enter your front garden into the Wednesfield in Bloom 2017 Our big blooming effort!

So do not be shy, make a great big blooming effort, and tell me that you’re going to play your part for our community by being in from the start… what do you get?

Well the sense of being part of a great community. Second regardless if we win a prize award or not, I am hoping to provide you with a certificate to display, which shows your community spirit! It’s going to be fun, and we all need fun and a bit of pride in our lives.

Now I have already told the Team Wednesfield group that I think we will have scores of residents wanting to do their little bit for Wednesfield. Don’t let me down…..! Register with me today and give yourself some maximum Gardening time

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more