Wednesfield – Great Local Assets!

Wednesfield is a Village with a number of great local assets.

First it is an historic Village where one of England’s greatest battles was fought.

Back in 910 AD the great ‘Battle of Wodensfeld’ was fought when the local Anglo-Saxons defeated the marauding Danes in a huge battle, and this ‘Battle of Wodensfield’ is where the modern day name of Wednesfield comes from.

Second is the traditional street market that is operated by the City Council in Wednesfield High Street.

The third is a great local transport facility which links nine towns and villages to Wednesfield, as well as linking other surrounding local districts of Wolverhampton.

Wednesfield benefits greatly from having these great local bus services, with this intense number of bus routes converging on the High Street.

If you were considering starting a new business venture by opening a market stall in the Village, or opening a new shop. You may be assured by these great facts.

Just take National Express West Midlands Bus Services for instance – Their current routes through Wednesfield are:

25 i54/Pendeford – Wednesfield – Willenhall – Bilston -Goldthorn Park – Wolverhampton (every 30 mins)

59 Wolverhampton – Wednesfield – Ashmore Park (every 5-6 minutes)

89 Wolverhampton – Wednesfield – New Invention – Bloxwich – Walsall (every 20 mins)

Over the 10 hour period from 0730 to 1730 this means there are about 320 NXWM buses running through the High Street.

Each week NXWM buses carry 19,000 passengers to and from Wednesfield. In addition there are another 31,000 people who travel through Wednesfield on NXWM buses each week. Other Bus operators’ also have routes through the Village; These are- 50 Wolverhampton – Fallings Park – Wednesfield (every hour off peak only)

57 Wolverhampton – Wednesfield – Willenhall – Bilston (every hour)

65 Wolverhampton – Wednesfield – Underhill – Fordhouses (every hour off peak only)

71 Wolverhampton – Wednesfield – Landywood – Cannock (every hour)

These services would add another fifty buses approximately making a total of around 370 buses between 0730 and 1730 each weekday.

Wednesfield business and residents benefit from this very intense level of service, which on average means some 37 buses every hour.

Of course what this means to the traders of the Village is – that in a year bus users are likely to spend around £2.5million per annum on the High street.

So if you have not shopped in Wednesfield before, or you live in a district that is linked by bus to Wednesfield, or if you are a young entrepreneur and you are considering a market business or opening a shop?

So for ease of action here is what you need to know if you intend or would like a market stall in Wednesfield – Any trader wishing to register an interest in a Market Stall in Wednesfield –  should call the Markets Service on 01902 555200 or email


So why not take a look at our great Village…you never know you may well like it as much as we do!


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more