Wednesfield High – New Head Appointed-Rescue Plan Being Implemented!

Following my visit to Wednesfield High School last week, and my report on this site about being welcomed ‘warmly’ at the school by the Acting Head and the Sponsors of the Academy. A further exchange of letters has now taken place between us.

Parents have also contacted me about the outcome of the meeting I had on the 6th April. . I have updated the information here on this site.Wednesfield High

So here it is and just to recap the situation that led to this issue being discussed. The school had been placed into special measures by Ofsted. Parents were concerned about what they had read in the Express and Star reports of the Ofsted measures. I informed Wednesfield North residents of what was taking place via this site and I visited the school on 6th April to discuss those issues.

  • On my visit to the school I was greeted very warmly in the circumstances by the Acting Head teacher and a representative from the Academy sponsors.
  • I had a short tour of the school, and then had a detailed conversation with them.
  • I was pleased to be able to raise some of the parent’s specific concerns.

I have since written again to the school thanking them for being so courteous. I set out the area of interest that the school and I had covered in our conversation Issues which were Germaine to the visit. These were –

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Bullying & Children’s Safety
  • Trust
  • Poor Communications


There was a frank discussion around these points.

I was pleased to hear that Wednesfield High had already appointed a new Head teacher that person would be announced shortly, and that a rapid rescue plan has also been introduced.

The school recognised that there is a lot to do to improve its poor communications and recover the community trust in the school, and the schools previous good reputation.

In that meeting before the Easter break, I made it clear that parents want the best education that a school can muster for their children.

That parents speaking with me have made it clear that ‘students only get one chance of a good school education’ the school has a huge responsibility to deliver that education so that the student life chances are enhanced, and not diminished in any way.

The School has responded to me stating that I had highlighted a number of really useful points in our recent meeting.

  • Communication with all stakeholders is an area the school knows needs to be improved.
  • The School also asked me to ensure parents from our local community who contact me with queries relating to their academy, was passed on.
  • They also asked me to refer parents who have a complaint – directly to them (Wednesfield High School) so that they can arrange to meet with them and discuss the issue.

In conclusion and following the 6th April meeting. I have some optimism that the school is acting with urgency and that the change that Ofsted requires will be implemented.

I do not have any further information at the time of writing this about the request the City Council had reported they had made to have the Academy ‘Re-brokered’.

I will remain in contact with parents here in Wednesfield North, and I am buoyed a little about the fact that the School leadership team has written in what I think is a positive way. They have told me that “I look forward to working with you as we move on our improvement journey.”

Fingers crossed that the new ‘rescue plan’ works quickly and is enhancing to the pupils education. More controversy is not really what the school needs at this moment in its history.



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more