Wednesfield – Historical Modern & Positive!

Since 2012 – Your local Councillors in Wednesfield have been following a policy which has done much to publicise, and represent and basically ‘talk up’ Wednesfield. Currently the Mayor Councillor Ian Brookfield and Mayoress Paula Brookfield are both Wednesfield Councillors. The Mayor represents Fallings Park, The Mayoress representing Wednesfield South. We are very proud of them!

All four Wards that have Wednesfield suburbs within their electoral boundaries are represented by Labour Councillors. These are Heath Town, Fallings Park, Wednesfield South and Wednesfield North.

All of us elected representatives are proud of the Wednesfield that is being built. We are all playing a role in Wednesfield’s development.

Wednesfield is a great place to live and to work. It is modern and it is traditional, both at the same time. The modern is reflected in Bentley Bridge and the Retail and Leisure Park that is attracting custom from all over the Black Country. The retail park in particular is now a very large employer of local people. More than 500 jobs are provided by the retail stores that are trading there.

The traditional part of the Village is found in the High Street, with all that is expected from a British High Street. In Wednesfield High Street you can find Banks, Chartered Accountants, a traditional street Market. There are important Places of Worship, independent shops including food stores, Butchers, Freezer centre, Pet shop, pubs and Wednesfield has a strong public transport offer with 327 buses departing and arriving and serving the Village with fast and frequent links to other towns such as Walsall, and Cannock and suburbs of other parts of Wolverhampton.

Bentley Bridge Retail Park in Wednesfield is still growing and going from strength to strength, with footfall at more than 1.8m visitors per year (Up13% from last year) it will not be long before the 2m footfall barrier is burst.

Officials tell me that upwards to 81,000 vehicles make their way to the Retail Park every week, from all parts of the Black Country and further, that is again another 5.2% increase over last year’s statistics.

Wednesfield as you can see is a very important suburb of the City of Wolverhampton. It has a strong retail base now; it has a strong sense of belonging. It is historical. Its a place (where 5 Danish Kings were slaughtered in a historical battle in 910 AD)the Village which is vibrant, and is looking to provide even more economic activity for its residents.

New homes are being built In Wednesfield North and in Wednesfield South. The Hospital which straddles the old Wednesfield boundaries, has seen its importance grow over the last 10years. It provides more than 8,000 jobs locally. It is a Hospital of regional importance not just of Local Importance. We should be very proud of the medicine it practises, and the role it plays in keeping Wolverhampton City healthy.

Wednesfield also has a strong industrial base. Did you know that in Wednesfield we have -?

  • 36 Engineering Companies providing 12% of the City total
  • 33 Advanced Manufacturing providing13% of the City total
  • 39 Other Manufacturing companies 8% of the City total
  • 64 Construction companies 8% of the City total

In total 172 companies to be proud of!

Not all the foreign investment is going elsewhere. Now this may come as a shock to some but, we also have 17IMG_5747 Triumphant Emma Reynolds MP with Wednesfield Councillors 2015 Foreign owned companies that call Wednesfield as their home. These companies are 51% owned by a foreign based HQ.

Now I am of the opinion that the LABOUR Councillors for Wednesfield do a great job in progressing our interests and talking up Wenesfield, this part of our Great City.

We are always active within our communities working together liaising with our Member of Parliament. Publicising our Wards and looking for opportunity to provide better facilities for the people of Wednesfield, and always looking to how we can improve our prosperity!IMG_3606

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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