Wednesfield – I Think We Have A Green Belt Battle Looming!

I am precising the issue of South Staffordshire and their plans relating to their Green Belt and the proposals that are beginning to be released that will affect the Green Belt and our amenity in Wednesfield to use it, and enjoy it.
The purpose of the South Staffordshire Spatial Housing Strategy and Infrastructure Delivery consultation, is to consider how the approximate 9,000 housing target could be best planned for, and it is seeking views on a variety of Spatial Strategy options to distributing housing growth across their district.
Each of these options considers how housing growth could be split between different settlements and urban edge locations, but does not seek to identify specific sites to deliver this level of growth at this stage.
The South Staffordshire District Council has now released a number of documents that relate to the Green Belt. I am keen that any interested residents in Wednesfield North or elsewhere read the documents for themselves. They are available if you click and follow this link.

I am keen that readers make their own decisions having read the documentation and they then can see how it will affect you.
Not all the papers have been released yet. I am keen that in tackling the information that is now becoming available that we stick with what is being said.
I am aware that poor arguments can blight property. Whilst it looks like the South Staffordshire District Council is starting to fall down on the side of the Option they call Option G. Please remember that not all the Information has yet been released.
I would urge you to be aware, and as individuals, home owners, and any one else interested in making their views known – do so to South Staffordshire Council by individual correspondence or email.
Let me make the situation quite clear. The three Wednesfield North Councillors are strongly against the loss of the green belt that we currently see in South Staffordshire. It is a valuable amenity for Wednesfield. We have noted that South Staffordshire are already trying to down size the importance of this particular Green Belt which we share with Essington.
Read the links and lets prepare for what will be a very difficult period of time.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more