Wednesfield North – In Support of International Women’s Day 2019

In Support of International Women’s Day 2019

 International Women’s Day -Is Friday 8th March 2019 – Wednesfield North Councillors are fully supporting this important calendar date. Plus the objectives of International Women’s Day.

We recognise that it is not just a world-wide day for high flyers! International Women’s Day is about inspiring women to achieve, wherever they may live or work, and support whatever they want to do, in every day of the year.

Here in Wednesfield North we are very proud of the fact that our Local Councillors are always trying to get local people to achieve their own visions and their own objectives.

Councillor Rita Potter and Mary Bateman play an active part of Wolverhampton City Council which for the first time in our City Council history the controlling Labour Group, has more female Councillors than men. In an often-male dominated World of Politics. This is no mean achievement. The gender balance in this Ward, see’s two female Councillors and one male Councillor working together for a common goal.

Councillor Rita Potter said today – “Here in Wednesfield North we work every day with our constituents, we show by our actions what can be achieved.  I and my colleagues are always striving to achieve the remit for International Women’s Day – Here in 2019 that international theme is about trying to achieve, and bring about #Bringing Balance to the Ward of Wednesfield North. Last year in 2018 -Our support for International Women’s Day 2018 related to the fact that we had two very active women Councillors, in our team of elected members. Both Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman play a full role in the activities that take place here in our Community.”

Both Councillors do their best to inspire women in their daily activities. They are great role models, whether it’s through their activities in the community, or by their volunteering, or in their support of progressive policy on the City Council.

Our City Councillors drew inspiration from The Suffragette Movement what was in its 100th year last year.  This year our Women Councillors will be pressing to build progress on the 2018 successes here in Wednesfield North.

This Year – The UN International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme is #Bringing Balance.

It is a theme that our two Councillors enact every day on behalf of our community and the City of Wolverhampton. They represent Wednesfield North very well and we are as the local Wednesfield North Labour Party very proud of them.

Wednesfield North have three City Councillors two of whom are Women – Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman.

Please contact Phil Bateman Secretary Wednesfield North Labour Party

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Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more