Wednesfield North Is A Low Crime Ward- But Could It Be Made Safer?

Wednesfield North is a Low Crime Ward! To emphasise this here is the latest Neighbourhood crime league table

The league table below looks at the total crimes and crime rate for June 2016 that occurred in all neighbourhoods within 5 miles of Wednesfield North and orders them by lowest crime rate first.

Rank Neighbourhood Total Rate
1 Wednesfield North (0.00 miles) 37 3.31
2 Tettenhall Regis (4.34 miles) 45 3.76
3 Pelsall (4.28 miles) 44 3.86
4 Bushbury North (2.31 miles) 50 4.19
5 Cheslyn Hay & Saredon (3.29 miles) 96 5.00
6 Willenhall North (1.31 miles) 67 5.24
7 Spring Vale (4.37 miles) 64 5.35
8 Fallings Park (1.14 miles) 69 5.43
9 Coseley East (4.87 miles) 72 5.65
10 Blakenhall (4.06 miles) 74 6.16
11 Essington & Featherstone (2.09 miles) 68 6.40
12 Bilston North (2.73 miles) 77 6.51
13 Short Heath (1.55 miles) 79 6.97
14 Graiseley (4.17 miles) 90 7.33
15 Bloxwich East (3.18 miles) 91 7.42
16 Oxley (3.40 miles) 96 7.59
17 Princes End (4.94 miles) 97 7.72
18 Bloxwich West (2.15 miles) 102 7.83
19 Darlaston South (3.54 miles) 113 8.07
20 East Park (2.38 miles) 103 8.14
21 Norton Canes (4.83 miles) 62 8.28
22 Bushbury South And Low Hill (2.14 miles) 112 8.47
23 Bentley And Darlaston North (2.88 miles) 121 8.65
24 Wednesbury North (4.19 miles) 108 8.70
25 Blakenall (3.61 miles) 120 8.89
26 Park (3.88 miles) 111 9.37
27 Pleck (3.61 miles) 143 9.45
28 Heath Town (1.92 miles) 154 10.20
29 St. Peters (3.16 miles) 130 10.51
30 Birchills Leamore (2.89 miles) 165 10.88
31 Ettingshall (3.48 miles) 153 11.16
32 Wednesfield South (1.10 miles) 130 11.28
33 Willenhall South (2.06 miles) 179 11.42
34 Bilston East (3.57 miles) 189 13.90
35 St Matthews (4.68 miles) 322 21.77
36 Wolverhampton City Centre (3.14 miles) 221 293.49



This summer I have changed the way that I am looking at crime in this Ward Of Wednesfield North. Yes it is useful to have the snap shot of crime as it happens. The Police give that information in their local newsletter and the meetings they hold under the PACT arrangements. These are valuable meetings and the information the Police give is also important to residents.


But the PACT meetings do not give the whole story.

This is the second time that I have looked at the UK Crime Statistics this summer, which are based over a longer period than the monthly statistics that are presented by Wednesfield Police at the PACT meetings.

Because there is a lag in the statistics from the UK Crime Survey, I tend to think that this is a more accurate way of building up a picture of what is taking place here in our Ward, when it comes to analysing crime. Then trying to understand what is taking place.

Wednesfield North Crime statistics July 2015-June 2016Statistics June 2015 –July 2016 It’s worth noting that over a one year period that the biggest crime taking place in Wednesfield North is not drugs.

That may be a surprise to some people. If I am honest it was a surprise to me. Much more worrying is the bigger statistics based around the following crime sectors.

  • Violent Crime – 123
  • Anti-Social Behaviour – 90
  • Vehicle Crime 60
  • Criminal Damage & Arson – 48
  • Burglary – 38
  • Shop Lifting – 37
  • Other Theft – 23
  • Public Order – 15
  • Drugs – 10
  • Robbery – 8
  • Other Crime – 7
  • Bike -2
  • Theft from Person – 1
  • Possession of Weapon – 0


So looking at the PACT Priority that Wednesfield Police are working to we have as the Priority Areas where the public want the Police to concentrate on? On the face of it the answer is of course yes.

The public attending the Police PACT meetings make that decision every meeting. But when I looked closer at the statistics I find that in June 2016. There were 8 crimes took place in or around Higgs Road. Which included – 3 Anti-Social Behaviour, 1 Criminal damage, 3 Shoplifting offences. Plus 1 Violent and Sexual Assault Crime. I also looked at – Wolmer Road & Drummond Close there were five crimes here…..So if the public knew more about the statistics based over a longer period, would they be making the sort of priority choices they are always making? By that would they always want the shopping parade, the Park prioritised? Or would they want to know what was happening elsewhere in the Ward covered?

Here is an example- Looking back at the priorities chosen by PACT in June – these were identified as the following priorities.

  • ASB – Bottom Shops Griffiths Drive
  • Speeding
  • Ashmore Park – The Park for drugs & ASB

Yet the information showing in the UK Crime Statistics for this period does not flag up the Park as a problem area? Only 10 drugs incidents and they were over a wider area than The Park.

My thoughts are that we should be hearing much more about the cause and effect of crime on the Ward.

Violent Crime it’s the biggest single offence taking place over the year. The question we have to ask is – Why is the stats so high with regard to this crime sector? What actions can be taken to reduce the incidents. What role has the public got to help? More in depth analysis is required.

It’s this sort of information that should be able to help us, and guide  residents living in the Ward to play a better more incisive role in policing our localities and our neighbourhoods, and becoming more targeted for choosing the PACT priorities.

Now I am very pleased that we have a Ward that is continually providing low statistics, but I am keen to see the stats fall even lower.

I want Wednesfield North to be an even safer place to live. I know that these issues are not easy to solve.

The police team are doing a great job protecting and serving our community. hence the excellent crime figures. I recognise that. But what I want is to see our residents and constituents here in Wednesfield North playing an even more incisive role in protecting our community. I am happy to receive any comments residents want to make …you can email me on

I shall be raising the issues with our Local Sergeant and with the Inspector responsible for our area – Inspector Perry.


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more