Wednesfield Public Opinion Is Powerful!

Have We Done Enough to Get Wednesfield Included in Gov Town Plan, and accessible for £25m of Government Investment?

During this last week I have been very buoyed by the way that Wednesfield Public opinion has come together, when such an obvious disaster was on the cards, for our community.
I do not apologise for trumpeting the injustice that was being played out with regards to the Government plans to deny access to both Wednesfield and Bilston from the £25m Town Fund. I am pleased that I spotted the situation. I am pleased that I spoke out!

I am pleased that I was able to confirm with the Labour Leader, the terms of the fund, and that when pressed The Government through their officials, continued to resist the inclusion of Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

But the most pleasing part of this growing row, was the fact that so many people here in Wednesfield and across the City thought that it was a disgraceful move by this Government, and said so on social media and through the other media outlets. More important Wednesfield folk spoke about the injustice, on the streets, and over the back garden fence.
Now the information I am receiving suggests that the situation is on the move again, this time the Government may have been persuaded, to alter their original proposals and now include Wednesfield and Bilston into this Town Fund!

Guys make no mistake, the reason for this move if proved to be true, is down to YOU!

Wednesfield Public Opinion here is very much the winner! If people hadn’t supported my original statements, and so many of you did with horror, I wonder if the rumours sweeping the City today would have been so very welcoming?

I am looking forward to receiving some positive news from the Prime Minister, and the Secretary of State, following the correspondence I wrote informing them of what Wednesfield residents views were.

I am looking forward with some relish for today!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more