Wednesfield Roads Traffic Increases

This is the letter that I have sent to the City Council Director concerned with development, following concerns that the proposed DX Freight Depot Hobnock Road Essington, will add additional road traffic to local roads in Wednesfield North. I will update readers as the answers  to the IMG_0366.JPG tanker lorryinformation comes in.
Dear Tim
I understand that there is to be a huge Warehouse to be constructed that will act as a distribution depot in Essington.
DX Freight intend to transform a 44-acre site in Hobnock Road into a distribution centre and offices,
This DX Freight depot will add many more HGV traffic to surrounding road in Essington. That will have adverse impact on roads in Wednesfield North.
Recently the highway linking Wednesfield and Bloxwich is crawling during the peak morning traffic movements and in the evening peaks. That is leading to other roads
like Broad Lane North having long traffic jams especially in the evening peak.
  • Can you inform me if the City Council has objected to the DX site?
  • If not what recommendations has the City made to Staffordshire and South Staffs Districts relating to highway improvements in the North of the conurbation
  • Currently we are seeing housing developments taking place in Essington, Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley the extra cars are starting to clog New Invention and Wednesfield North
  • Has there been any conversations about highway use with Walsall MBC about current highway conditions and the heavy traffic that has suddenly become evident?
  • If so would you share with me current views?
I am keen to understand how the City sees the immediate future, as the delay in traffic movement will have adverse impact upon Wednesfield North, with local journeys being lengthened, traffic jams adding to local pollution and lower air quality.
Whilst I understand that there is a need for jobs it really does have to balance out. Creating traffic issues, and pollution problems, without a strategy involving my Ward is not the way forward. 
Best Regards
Councillor Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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