Wednesfield’s Big Day – Wednesfield in Bloom Has Arrived!

Wednesfield in Bloom Day!Wednesfield-In-Bloom-WV11


Its Wednesfield big day today folks…..I want to thank the Volunteers on behalf of Wednesfield North Councillors -Rita Potter, Mary Bateman and myself. For the magnificent effort they have put in to make Wednesfield in Bloom work!


It has beeen a magnificent and hardworking effort.


Wednesfield residents have been working day after day, growing flowers for the big occasion today, when Inspectors visit to inspect all that has taken place in the Village.


It has been a mammoth effort.

Guiding the hardworking volunteers has been Hands on Wednesfield, again a Voluntary Group who have raised finance, and organised the entry and encouraged other groups and individuals to take part.


Today we will find out what the Judges think as they walk through the Village, and see how volunteers have been planting, knitting, Yes Knitting! Tidying, removing rubbish and lifting the image of our Wednesfield.13327474_124

I for my part have requested through Social Media that residents tend their gardens with a view to today, I have appealed to business and traders to make a contribution.

I am pleased to inform you that the owners of the Bentley Bridge Leisure Park (LandSecurities) have done just that. They have tidied their site, manicured their gardens, erected a magnificent show of ‘Hanging Baskets’. They deserve special praise for working hard to be accepted as part of our Wednesfield community.IMG_8469 Bentley Bridge 1

The Canal & River Trust have also heeded my plea, they have had a water borne ‘pick of rubbish’ in the Wyrley& Essington Canal. I thank them for their activity as the Judges will be walking a small stretch of the canal. Which as you all know is not only beautiful at this time of the year, but is on the verge of becoming a Local Wildlife Reserve. Where we hope to preserve the hundreds of species of tow path plants and the locally rare water plants that are in the canal.


So if you are a volunteer and have taken time to tend your garden, tend the Church,or worked hard on the Gurdwara car park planting, cutting the grass, planting and growing flowers, knitting like Ashmore Park Community Association have been doing for months! Then take a bow.

Your Councillors and Wednesfield North Labour Party think you have done a magnificent Job! If I have missed any body out, and I know I have. Please accept our very grateful thanks for giving your time for anything that you have done! We just LOVE Wednesfield regardless if we have won a prize or not!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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