Wednesfields ‘Super’ Haydn Rowley – Picks Up Sports Sponsorship!

Wednesfield based Varlowe Industrial Services have stepped forward to support local schoolboy in his sporting quest.

Haydn Rowley, from Wednesfield attending Coppice Performing Arts School is a club member and rider for Ashmore Park based Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway Club.  Joining the club and starting out in 2012 Haydn has already tasted success with an Under 13s British Title in his first full season 2013, Under 14s National Title in 2014, team member of the British Club Championships 2014 and this year the club became Under 16s Champions with Haydn in the team.

With the World Championships in the UK and the main event held at Ashmore Park, Haydn wanted to boost his chances of a further title but needed new equipment.  Using his initiative Haydn decided to contact local businesses and Steve Varden was quick to offer his support.  Previously sponsoring other sports groups Steve has a keen eye for talent.

Steve Varden Managing Director of Varlowe Industrial Services Limited agreed to supply Haydn with a complete bike supplied by Archie Wilkinson with spare wheels and tyres.  Haydn said ‘this generous offer made by Steve his incredible and I can’t wait to train on the new bike ready for the Junior World Championships at the end of July’.

VSL Pic Hadn Rowley

Steve Vardon with Haydn Rowley

Steve has extended his generosity sponsoring the club with an advertising banner.  Steve also has the Varlowe branding on his bike produced by Manifestation Designs in Willenhall who has also sponsored the Aces with an advertising banner.

It’s fair to say that the boy did well.  Using a little initiative not only boost his chances for the 2015 season and seasons to come, but gained sponsorship for the Wednesfield Aces bringing the local community and businesses together.


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