Woodend Road – No Priority for Road Safety Measures.

During this summer (2020) I have been pressed a number of times relating to the road safety concerns that many local residents have regarding Woodend Road here in Wednesfield North. I like to keep Local Residents informed, even when its not good news.

I wrote to the transport team “Wednesfield North residents are in a constant state of concern about the highway safety of Woodend Road. Would you please request your engineers to look at how they can make the road safer for motorists, residents and pedestrians.”

This is the response I have received –

“Any request for traffic calming or road safety measures in the City puts us in something of a quandary, as we have to find some way of prioritising one request over another. As you will recall, the method that is used in this authority is to highlight areas of the City with the highest rates of recorded injury collisions (PICs). This is a fairly common method used by many other local authorities. To achieve this, we access and analyse the Police database of collisions that they have recorded that involve a notable injury to a person.

Those records indicate that there have been two PICs recorded in Wood End Road in the last three years. Neither of these collisions involved an injury to a pedestrian and both were classified as “slight”. I must stress that this database only includes collisions that include personal injury and were recorded by the Police as such. Consequently, there may be some collisions of which we are not aware. However, that would be true across the whole City, with a number of collisions going unreported and unrecorded.

As you will appreciate, there are many areas of the City with a far worse PIC record than Wood End Road, particularly considering that Wood End Road is almost 1km long. Consequently, it will be those other areas that must be considered higher priorities. However, the whole of the City is analysed annually for the purpose of identifying new clusters of collisions and I will ensure that Wood End Road is included in the future. I appreciate that this may not be the answer that your constituent would be hoping from us, but I hope they will understand that the City of Wolverhampton Council is in a severe financial position and cannot financially afford to undertake as many road safety schemes as we would wish.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Its true that the City of Wolverhampton is under severe financial constraint. It is a disappointing response . But it is not an issue that will go away. Speed as the Police informs us “Kills”. I will be approaching the Police to see what they can do to deliver a policy that addresses the speed of vehicles in Woodend Road. Its not an issue that I am giving up on. Though I do feel frustrated by the response received.We will fight on.”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more