Wow! International Educators in Ashmore Park!

The European Union has been on everyone’s lips since the referendum took place….But it will come as a surprise to many of our Community to find that here in Ashmore Park, we have been at the forefront of some wonderful work.

Led by Head-Teacher Sue Lacey and Deputy Jane Parocki, our educators in the school and the  children have been at the heart of ground breaking international innovative education. The project  is very much based around digital learning. The resource for this work  has been funded through the European Unions Erasmus project.

11698434_10206357576111790_1952088822448313835_n Ashmore NurseryOn the 4th of April our local Nursery School Ashmore Park & Phoenix Nursery School will be displaying their much admired work with your children through this European Educational Research Project.

I am so darned chuffed about the work we do at  Ashmore Park Nursery and Phoenix Nursery School in Wolverhampton, with whom we federated with officially last year. It is work that is being closely followed across the UK, and in Europe.

(More about this work will be announced closer to the event)

But for my readers ( your) children attending this school have been just brilliant!

IMG_6048 Ashmore Park Nursery Outstanding schoolIn a few weeks educators from schools in West Midlands and Shropshire plus Education Directors from here and Sweden will gather in Ashmore Park Nursery and will participate in conference discussing this innovative work, and to analyse the education research that has taken place over the last three years.

Its exciting for me as Chair of the School Governors to have this all happening here. We have a team of School Governors that are dedicated, hands on, and really keen to develop our school. We want to be offering your children the best Nursery Education that can be delivered.

Much more will be written about this event a little closer to the time. But I wanted Ashmore Parkers to be as proud of what is taking place, and be as proud of the work that is taking place as I am!

Your children are learning and getting a great education before they start on the long road through Primary and Secondary education.

When they eventually leave Ashmore Park & Phoenix Nursery schools they will be enthused about learning. They will be very well prepared for those next big education steps!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more